5th lesson: Bronzed Look

Our lessons were very much enjoying. The bronzed look was something unexpected but I just learned that many makeup schools abroad have this in their curriculum and I just consider myself lucky that I can recreate it on my model. Teach, what we call our teacher, taught us the proper way and the easiest way to achieve the bronze look. Think MAC's Style Warrior and Naked Honey Collection.

Unfortunately, I didn't nail the bronzed look all that well. I didn't provide my model a more tanned look. For whatever reason, it lapsed my better judgment to apply more. I'm hoping that in time, I will be more observant when doing someone else's makeup. i'm sure with time and lots of practice, I will perfect this bronzed look. :)

How about you? What do you think?

click to enlarge.

I mainly used the darkest shade of foundation that I have. then I applied blush that will provide a healthy glow. So as not to give an impression of just a tanned look, i gave her big lashes to accentuate her eyes. I opted for gold pale lips to finish off this look.

She kinds reminds me of those MTV video looks that music artists sports.

Overall, I was in a way pleased that I was able to follow the steps our teacher gave us. But still, its a working progress. :) It's true that you can't learn everything in a day. Also must learn to be more resilient and open to positive and negative remarks.

If you want to recreate this look, just your darkest foundation available.
Define the eyes so it won't get eat up from the tan.
Use a darker contour powder to define the face as the face will show flat on the picture.
Don't forget to give the cheeks a nice glow for a healthy look.

I was humbled with the knowledge that I was getting from the class. Despite countless articles, tips, reviews etc. that I've read, I still have much to learn.

much love,

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