Shen's First Ink!

I got a tattoo!!!

I don't know if there was a ever a time I didn't want one for myself. I've always been envious of those who seem to have no problem getting inked. Now, given the freedom and independence I have, i decided to finally get inked. :)

I got this done at Bloodlines, Marikina (city where I grew up and where I spent most of my wild-child days). I first saw Ryan's work of art at the Dutdutan '08 (hi, Sabs! Remember?) Seeing how flawless Ryan works were (given the right after-tattoo care), I was just impressed and set my heart on getting my first tattoo done by him. Besides, he's been a long time friend of a highschool friend. I've also seen him work several times already (yes, i did research!) and everytime, his tattoo gets better and better. :)

I think here in Manila, Tattoo is getting the recognition it deserves instead of its usual notoriety status. Tattoos has been here for ages and I get a little bummed knowing a lot of people are against it. It's a way to express ourselves in a more permanent basis. To show that we can commit to something for life, to brand a part in our lives that is significant to us. As for me, my first tattoo is in memory of mom.

Without further ado...

In memory of my Mom.

Fiat Voluntas Tua means Thy Will be done... Mommy lived by these words. And with what happen to her, I know that it is HIS sole will to take her to give her respite from all the sufferings in her life. With how things have turned out, it wasn't for nothing. I'll always feel the loss and the pain, more painful than getting the tattoo, but it was for the best. I know that now...

I miss you, Mom. I know wherever you are, you don't approve of this being the traditional mom you are. But I also know you know that I needed this to always feel closer to you and show how much I love you.

And no, mom. This isn't my last tattoo. :)

much love,

+632-to follow.

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