FOTD: Greens at Night using Urban Decay Book of Shadows

First off, I would like to thank Gracie again for the Urban Decay Book of Shadows. I am so blessed to get this as a gift from her. :)

I was hung over but still had to go to a sorority sister's dirty thirty party late in the evening. I'm glad a I went because I missed those girls so much. Being with them brings that law school mojo back in little ways... but nah.. i'm happy where i am right now. Also, going out to party gives me a chance to get a little wild with my makeup looks.

I chose green eye look because of the top I was wearing I had since highschool! Yes, since highschool! LOL! I'm glad it still fits (but its stetchable anyway!). My tummy though was embosed! hahaha!!!!

Used mostly the greens on the palette... :)

no mascara yet.. :) hehehe ( i forgot to put in on before taking a pic)

i don't look sexy here at all!! hahahaha!!

I'm just hippin' with my MAC HK Strayin' lipstick. :)

with friends and their dates. :)

enjoying my margarita c/o atty. laids

just enjoyin a smoke outside the bar. :)

I'm too much in love with my MUFE HD Foundation, MAC MSF in Medium Plus and MAC Concealers (especially when I go out at night). :) It totally erased my skin's redness, blemishes and udereye baggies.. :) I do have big bumps on the chin though that needs more concealing but they are hardly noticeable unless it's focused.. :) it's so red like tomatoes but it still lessened with these great products.. :)

Did you notice the contouring? I hope you did.. :) that's because of Dollface Contour palette. This stuff works!! :) I love how my cheekbones were defined without making it look so..... exaggerated. :)

The MAC Grand Duo Mineral blush give a great mauve glow, don't you think so? :)

In my opinion, It pays to buy these products!

much love,

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