NEW! Bare Naturals Mineral Blushes

Ms. Lami, creator and proprietess of Bare Naturals Philippines sent me these blushes as gifts for my one year of blogging along with the prizes. I was quite surprise because the prizes already was too overwhelming. Let

Right after looking at each blushes, I was only too glad to receive these as gifts because I'd probably go crazy over NOT having them since Ms. Lami is yet to unveil them on her site. These Mineral Blushes are gorgeous!!! (Yes, triple exlamations).

The New Bare Naturals Mineral Blushes leans towards pink and mauve colors. Colors that definitely up in my alley. They are easy to use and easy to blend. Just about two tap sof this on my palette will do to give me a nice pinched look. :)

I am concurrently using these blushes, depending on my mood or eye look. For everyday though, i like French Kiss and Dollface. For an evening out, Viva Sophia and Romance are my choices while Voila is nice for contouring my cheekbones since its a bit dark on me. :) Romance and Voila are great for morena skin who like a natural flush look.

French Kiss and Voila are in Matte formula while the rest have a bit of Satin Shimmer to them. The shimmer though are subtle enough to create a nice glowy look. Not the oily look kind. :) Its that kind of shimmer that makes my skin appear satin-smooth, not a disco-ball. I guess, what I love about Philippine-made mineral makeups are their ability to think what each Pinay needs. Although Pinays have shown to have a lot of spunk, we are still deep inside Dalagang Filipina who refuses to look too made up. :) We still want that Natural Look. I think our boyfriends will agree. :)

Bare Naturals Mineral Blushes

French Kiss | Viva Sophia

Dollface Cheenee

Romance | Voila

swatches: with flash

swatches: in natural light

sawatches: in natural light, up close

swatches: in natural light, up close

Swatches are based on My skintone, which is Natural Medium Light in BareNaturals and NC30-35 in MAC Studio Fix.
The swatch may vary depending on your skintype.
Although I must say that these are fool-proof.
All colors are really usable in any skintone and skintype.

Are you ready to try something new?

These are yet to be available so prices are still unannounced. :)

much love,


1 one day before Shen's Addiction Contest ends!!!

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