Henri Calayag Deluxe Makeup Brush Set

Hi girls! I know it's been days since my last post. I've been resting during the weekend (giving quality time to my family) and work this week has been taxing. I've been catching up on my readings as well since. I miss reading romance novels. I've neglected that part of life and I'm so eager to give it a little attention.

But don't fret because I've got a few reviews on a roll for you this week. Watermarking them was just so tedious that I even took half a day doing all that. :) No face of the days and eye of the daya for the rest of the week since I'm letting my face rest from the liquid foundations i used from last week. Hormonal breakouts has been prominent as well, so it's purely mineral makeup for me this coming weeks. Oh how i wish i have time (and moolah) to get a facial.


Summer is right around the corner here in my country. Summer usually indicates lots of H2O for me and short vacation trips to those easily accessible springs and beaches here. Trips usually mean packing an overnight (or 2) bag. That means hell for me since I usually bring more than I need. :) Somebody help me here on this regard.

But as for brushes, I recently came across a new brush set worthy to show off in one of my future trips. It's black, shiny, and slim.

It's Henri Calayag Deluxe Makeup Brush Set.

This Brush Set Includes the following brushes (R-L):

002 Henri Calayag: Eyebrow Brush
003 Henri Calayag: Lip Brush
004 Henri Calayag: Eyeliner Brush/Lipliner Brush Duo
005 Henri Calayag: Pencil Point Brush
006 Henri Calayag: Eyeshadow Brush
007 Henri Calayag: Concealer Brush
008 Henri Calayag: Foundation Brush
009 Henri Calayag: Powder Brush

I find these brushes really usable in all regard. The hairs are extremely soft and will remain so with care in washing and proper maintenance. It's synthetic vegan so its environment-friendly. The classic wooden handle makes it elegant to use wherever.

I particularly am in love with the foundation brush. I use it for my Ellana Make it Last Primer and it glides on really well with all the product distributed evenly.

This brush set is sold exclusively at Henri Calayag Salon for only P1395.

But what attracted me most is the Bent Liner Brush (sold separately). It's short handled and I don't think I've seen anything like it. For most of what i saw are long-handled. This liner brush is truly convenient as it fits right in my hands making liner application a breeze.

Sold separately for P395.00

Although the high price might make some of shy away from purchasing this product, rest assured that this set is crafted for the ease of users to achieve your desired look. I, myself, was quite surprise with how well this set worked for me despite my many many travel set collection of brushes. And it being a Henri Calayag, well, that in itself makes this worth every penny.

much love,

Henri Calayag Salon is located at MYTH, 2/F Greenbelt 5 and at the Henri Calayag Salon, G/F The Residences, Greenbelt, Makati City.

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