Haulage: Avon Mascaras (Those available in the Philippines)

At work, I've met an Avon Lady who was only too glad to grant my request to try Avon cosmetics. It took a lot of courage not to list all that I saw. Everything in the catalog looks too visiting to resist. But I got attracted to their mascaras when I saw how it made my friend's lashes full and curly.

How in the world that such less expensive brands work for me? Well, that's the wonder of makeup.. you're just surprised everday.

My collection of Avon Mascaras

Jillian Dempsey For AVON Professional Mascara

What AVON says, Cater to the needs of upper & lower lashes...with Jillian's breakthrough dual-ended mascara. Just try to find such custom treatment anywhere else!

Big Brush for upper lashes -volumizing formula gives you the va-va-voom volume you've been looking for, .14 oz. net wt.
Baby brush for lower lashes - Waterproof formula won't smear. .12 oz. net wt.

I got the Jillian Dempsey Professional Mascara mainly for the baby brush. I've been searching high and low for a small baby brush to use for my lower lashe. So just imagine how I felt when I saw this on the AVON March Catalog. Yey!

As much as I love the baby brush in this mascara, the bigger brush seems to be a typical big mascara brush. The formulation as well looks to be a little to mousse-y for my liking. Yes, it coats well to make sure I get the voluminous lashes but I still need a lash comb to make sure that I don't get clumps (Which i do anyway with all my mascarasa - except for L'oreal Telescopic clean mascara).

But the highlight of this is that it granted my wishes to be able to coat my lower lashes without smearing my skin around it.

If I were to rate this...
3 out of 5 for the formulation
3 out of 5 for the big brush
5 out of 5 for the baby brush

effect on the lower lashes: 4 out of 5
effect on the upper lashes: 3 out of 5


AVON Longest Lashes Even Fiber base + Fiber

Gives the appearance of 12 more lashes on each eye. Visibly lengthens lashes up to 85%. Voluptuous volume, unparalleled lengths. No clumps. No flakes. No smudges.

Step 1: PRIME Start with micro-fiber base coat to take your lashes to outstanding lengths.
Step 2: FINISH Sweep on fiber-infused mascara to extend lashes...up to 85% longer.

Now that's far out. Double-ended wand. Fiber base .14 oz. net wt. Fiber-infused mascara .14 oz. net wt.

The question would be, did it make my already decently long lashes longer? YES it did.
But the more important questions is does it look naturally longer? NO. I had trouble with it clumping and that spidey-effect (that all of us don't want).

The Base coast has a chemical-scent to it that not all of us may stand but I find that it doesn't bother me at all. For those who wants to shorten their makeup routine everyday may find that adding one more step of applying the base coat tedious. For those who really have short lashes, I don't think you would mind adding this step for it does provide longer lashes effect. Don't worry too much, the base dries quickly.

The Fiber-infused Mascara must be infused thoroughly because I don't see any evidence of it on the brush (small hairs sticking out - check out the pic). But yes, upon sweeping the mascara, you'll notice instantly how thick and long your lashes turned out. I just really don't like the brush all the much. Or maybe I just need to get use to it.

Overall: 3 out 5 for me


AVON Uplifting Mascara

Featuring the world’s first & only bendable brush. We put the magic back in the wand! AVON's revolutionary Bend-Extend brush flexes to 45 degrees. Use the brush straight for more length...75% more length! Bend it for up to 100% more lift! Take even the smallest hard-to-reach lashes to new heights. Experience long, luscious lashes with breathtaking lift. Lasts all day. Lashes won’t let you down. Smudge-proof, clump-proof. .25 oz. net wt. As seen in National Magazines. All AVON mascaras are hypoallergenic and opthalmologist-tested.

This would be my favorite out of all the rest. It doesn't clump, it doesn't smudge and easy to take off with my makeup remover. But does it uplift my lashes? Yes. Lately, I've been too lazy to curl my lashes so i skip routine. I go straight to applying my mascara and boy do I get the result that I want. Did I mention it's bendable? Yup! It is! Think yourself as a makeup artist to yourself and revel how this bendable trick makes your mascara-application easier. This I learned a long time ago when I Sophie asked me to model for her classmate in their makeup school. Lesly told me that bending the mascara would make applying easier and also to avoid the mascara touching the skin around your lashes.

The formula also looks different compared to the rest, It's creamier but has that shiny effect that I was looking for. :)

I give AVON Uplifting Mascara 5 out of 5 points.


AVON Astonishing lengths Waterproof Mascara

ASTONISHING LENGTHS Mascara lengthens lashes up to 65% for an incredible look of long, sweeping lashes. Resists clumping and leaves lashes separated and defined.

No, it's the Longest Lashes Ever Brush. It just looks like it. I like this Mascara. No fuss. Promises to lengthen and it does. I keep this on my stash for a reason and that's because its less expensive and does the job well. I got this for only P199 or P299 along with a Glimmerstick Eyeliner Pencil (that I gave to my assistant). It was a steal don't you think.

You'll experience a little clumping but nothing a lash comb won't fix in a flash. I just need a coat of two of this product and I'm good to go.

Score: 4 out of 5 for me.

There you go!

If you want to try these products, call your AVON Lady now.

much love,

P.S. Has anyone tried thier ANEW Skincare line? I'm curious with it and wants to try it but I need to know first if its works for any of you. Thanks!

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