New Ellana Mineral Blushes

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics has been coming up with new colors for both eyes and cheeks for the past month. The hoarder in me, hoarded on their three new blush colors that will definitely give its consumers  something to rave about.

This time Ellana created colors with Sheer Shimmer designed to give a healthy glow to your cheeks. Now, don't be shocked by the word Shimmer, this is not the type of blush that will our oily skin appear oilier. I do have an oily skin but a light dusting of these blushes provides me a dewy look I never thought I could achieve. Just take note to use it sparingly as you would with all types of mineral blushes. Why? Because in my opinion, Mineral blushes are highly-pigmented that certainly, a little goes a long way.

Anyway, if you're scared that this won't match your skintone or skintype you can always order their 1 gram sample size that only goes for P100(less than $2). This jar is enought to last you weeks of usage. But for daring people like me, I ordered myself a full pot of 2.5g for only P180 (less than $4). Not to mention that the colors ca be used on the eyes.

New Ellana Mineral Blushes

Tryst is a golden Apricot with sheer shimmer. (this is a little too orangey on the pot but goes on the skin sheer, giving me a nice glow)
Lust is a peach pink with sheer golden shimmer. (this reminds me a little of Nars Orgasm, not exact color or dupe but in the same family)
Fetish is a cooton candypink with sheer shimmer. (nice highlighter color of which reminds me oy Eyeko cream)

I think they name their blushes depending on its formulation.
The sinner the name gets, the daring the colors are. :) Hmmm....

I opened the pots for everyone to take a peek of its actual colors.

Ellana designed colors on the peach side because I think these suits a lot skintypes. Which reminds me of Nars Orsgasm that suits any skin color. :)

The colors that I'm showing you are subtle enough for an everyday wear. But watch out for those who have seen their other blush color Obsession, raspberry red with sheer shimmer (the beautynomist has this), some might consider this too bold but wait until I show you an FOTD me wearing this. Even I was shocked on how fabulous this blush when applied.

What's your fave mineral blush color? Are you excited with the new colors Ellana has to offer?

much love,

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  1. Bianca Sosa218/2/12 10:08 AM

    natry nio na po ba ung Blush ng bare naturals na pink peach glow? anu po ang mas malapit ang color sa nars orgasm, ung tryst blush ng ellana or sa bn?


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