Confessions of a Shopaholic Premiere and Blogger meet up

Hi, I'm Shen and I'm a Shopaholic...

(Hi Shen!)

When I growing up my lifestyle were sometimes up, sometimes down. So, I became a one-day millionaire sort of girl. Whenever I have money to burn, I really burn 'em. Before on clothes, then on bags, then shoes, accessories and now makeups and skincare products. I never burned so much money except on this products.

But after watching Confessions of a Shopaholic premiere with great friends, Phoebe (the Swiper) and Jaimie (mizzmakeup) and J's friends, I realize that material things are indeed fleeting (i think i did mention that before. No matter how gorgeous a palette or a tube of lipstick is, there is no pnt in goind in debt because of it. No sense of letting go one's principle. :) I may not let go this addiction that easily but I will definitely always ask myself the question "Do I really need this?" everything I pass by Rustan's, Makeup Forever, The Face Shop, The beauty department store, Watson's and online shops. I will definitely try to answer them "NO" because I do have everything I need already.


the benefactor (thanks to you, J, and your mom and dad!)

Jaimie, Phobe (that girl in a top chef hat *smiles*) and moi


Prior to the Premiere, we bloggers met up with each other to see Sophie for a few hours. She's here on limited time to attend to some errands. We're lucky enough to see her before she left for her classes in Singapore. Too bad Jheng couldn't leave work to go with us. :(

Sophie and Jaimie. :) No, that's not a halo on Sophie's head just the sunlight but these girls are nevertheless Angels in my opinion.

me and phobe showing off the porkchop and P's new phone. :)

I missed this girls so much! Hope to see you soon! :)

much love,

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