Beauty Radar: Oscillation Mascara by Lancome

I've always been awed with Lancôme prestigious Beauty Products especially their cosmetics and skin care. All of which are raved by many women all over the world. Lancôme surely knows what women wants and that is first class products.

Even before I was able to do a good deed (joining Nikki's Seminar for a Cause), I was blessed already by an invite by L'oreal Phillipines to the Sneak Peek of Lancôme's most raved about Mascara, the Ôscillation PowerMascara.

Vibrating. Infinite. PowerMascara. These are the three words that were used to describe Lancôme's innovative Mascara that is sure to be a hit once it arrives the Philippine shores. My love for both techonology and cosmetics were merged into one with Lancôme's first vibrating mascara, the Ôscillation Power Mascara with 7,000 oscillations per minute through is miniturized machine of only 3cm. I can't wait to get a hold of this Mascara come its launch so i can see the machine itself after i use it all up.

Achieve false eyelashes effect with the innovative breakthrough Lancôme has made in their mascara.


photo credit to lancome websites

The packaging evokes balance and class. The elegant black lacquer tube provides a certain mystery to what is inside. The gold rose emblem of Lancôme is situated at the opposite side of the button,on the cap of the tube.

The polymer-based wand itself is very flexible as it bends eaily to our will (saw the Swiper did this and I followed suit) . The formulation is great in my opinion since it does not make my eyelashes harden but rather it felt soft even at the end of the evening. I hardly felt wearing a masacara at all.

With a press of a button, get an even coating without the need to do the zig-zag motion. Ladies, this is the answer to the lazy mornings that we hate do our makeup.

"The whole purpose of Ôcillation is to give our makeup routine the breakthrough it needs."

The two conference table was decorated with a silver cloth, white roses strewn every vanity mirror with Lancôme products to aid in using the Ôscillation Mascara. There was the ever popular Bifacil, eyelash curler and another product I wasn't able to get the name.

I was glad that I've shared this experience with two of the most popular Filipina beauty blogger, Nikki of Askmewhats and Phoebe of SwipeSomeGloss. It was fun seeing these girls again.

Treat yourself this summer. Get occilated. Get Oscillation. :)

Release date: April 2009 at Lancôme, Greenbelt 5
Price: P2395 (pre-selling and actual price)
Color: Black only

much love,

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