Am I ready to have another baby?

... is the question I asked R after we saw this cute rare black pomeranian. It was love at first sight and more when I got to hold her. We've been holding out on a lot of offers but this little furball captured my heart in an instant.

When R replied that we were, we didn't waste time in acquiring her yesterday. Yes, it was impulsive but we don't regret it. We acquired Duchess (I've always wanted that name for my little doggie girl) and took her immediately for a general checkup to our vet, Dr. R who gave thumbs up. :)

Now Duke has a playmate and mommy Shen has a little girl. she can care for. She's everything we've always wanted for Duke and for me and R. Duke didn't feel much of a jealousy but rather seem to be just curious to the new addition to the family. We were relieved that he grew up to be a secured boy.

I'm happy to report that within the 24 hours that Duchess is with us, her appetite is good and taking on well to her new surrounding. Duchess and Duke even slept side by side last night with us in bed.

I couldn't be more happier. I know my Mom is looking right down on us and happy, too.

"Hi! I'm Duchess. I'm watching the T.V. with Papi!"

"Ma, hurry taking a bath! I wanna play more with you and papi!"

Quite the thing, this girl knows how to make lambing by making cute sounds inside her cage. As if beckoning us to pick her up and play with her.

I'm hoping she adjusts beautifully in her new home. And that Duke will love her as we love him! :)

much love,

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  1. where's the best place to buy a puppy?is tiendesita's a good place too?


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