For the Guys: Diamonds for Men by Emporio Armani

I've been thinking of returning some loving to my man through my randoms gifts. It's my turn to spoil the BF who's been very understanding of my mood swings and laziness in household chores. But what to get a guy who wants nothing for thinking he has everything he want and need?

When I got this email about Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men, it hit me... The BF's eu de toilette is running low, why not give him a new scent to try? Having Josh Harnett as the face of Diamonds for Men upped the appeal for me since I've adorned him ever since. Besides, his eyes reminds me of R. (Happy) Sigh...

thanks to Giorgio Armani UK site for the photo.

"A luminous, daringly full-bodied opening. The refined, radiant freshness of the Italian citrus-bergamot accord is enlivened by a vibrant, electric burst of Szechuan Pepper.

The interpretation of an irresistible, solid diamond. With its recessed facets along the side, the luminous square of glass plays with rays of light, reflecting them from within in infinite configurations like a modern kaleidoscope. A streamlined, powerful, faceted object. Set firmly on its base, featuring an integrated shiny metal spraycap adorned with the famous eagle emblem." - Giorgio Armani US website

The BF would probably say that he doesn't need a new cologne... But guys doesn't always know what's best for them, right?

And we mean to get our men only the best.

much love,

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