Ellana Mineral Liquid Lip Color

I think most of us were once a girl fiddling with our mommy's lipstick, giddy with the experience to try it on our baby lips. But of course, mom always says no. She'll always say "When you're a grown up, you'll get to wear one someday." Most definitely, mom will do anything to maintain our young supple baby lips and away from chemicals of lip products.

Thankfully, we don't need to subject ourselves to such chemicals all the time. Of late, cosmetic manufacturers have been conscious of the ingredients they put in their lip products. Before lipsticks are just a way to give color to the puckers. Now, its a whole different story.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics introduced their new lip product, the Liquid Lip Color. A chemical-free lip product that provides color and shine to our lovely smooches. It comes in seven shades that will definitely suit us Filipinas as well as its international consumers.

"Light on the lips and non-sticky, it imparts a subtle shine bursting with color and sheer shimmer. Contains no petroleum." - Ellana briefly and concisely explains their Liquid Lip Color.

w/o flash

w/ flash


closer look



I like:
that its not not sticky
smells of peppermint
the container
(brush applicator and easy twist tube)
colors shows really well
moisturizes my lips
that's its listick and lipgloss all in one

my fave shade:

much love,

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