Haul: Love me Perfume and Gold Accessories (online shopping)

When I was a law student, I had trouble with shopping. I simply had no time. Then, I learned about online shopping. Filipina entrepreneurs made it possible for girls like me to get our shopping done at the convenience of our own home.

My first online purchase at multiply was at Jam's online accessory shop at galore.multiply.com. I simply love all her accessories. I recently visited her shop and found two cheap items that i couldn't resist buying. :)

Fashion Galore Online Shop Haul (thanks Jam!)

Mena earrings for P200. (I saw this on a friend and it looked so nice, i got to have one.)

Mereez Bangle for only P250 (hurry they have one left!)

Another haul was a purchase just waiting to be happened. I've always had this on my mind eversince my Q friend showed it to me. I just had to have it. But for some reason, my busy online sched had this skip my mind a lot of times. Finally, I made my 2nd purchase from bodywisdom.multiply.com.

Perfume haul from Body Wisdom

smells amazingly like Amazing Grace by Philosophy! :) (P220)

Something for my Kikay Kit. :) (P50)
travel-size 5ml bottle for those time I forget spritzing myself with my new perfume.

smeeling fabulous is a must but new accessories wouldn't hurt! (",)

much love,

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