YumYum: Polvoron by House of Polvoron

I love a lot of Filipino delicacies and Polvoron is one of them.

Polvoron is a popular Filipino desert made with toasted flour, powdered milk, sugar and melted butter pressed in special mold and wrapped in pieces of cellophane paper.

Variations include the addition of pinipig (puffed rice) and ground nuts such as cashew and pili. - House of Polvoron

Polvoron is made of buttermilk, flour, margarine, sugar and butter. The process is pretty simple. And like most Filipino treat, best made with a group or with family helping out each other.

But the lazy in me, likes buying them from different bakers or makers. I remember when this was merely 50 cents at Aling Noemi's Sari-sari store. This really brings me back to my childhood.

Here's one I got from the small kiosk of House of Polvoron in Trinoma Mall. We were just passing by the booth when the word Polvoron caught my eye. I thought immediately that since the BF will be staying at my place for a DVD Marathon, i might as well stock up on sweets we can both munch on.

I purchased the 2 boxes of assorted flavors, Php108 (cookies and cream, pili, cashew, pinipig) and 1 canister of plain butter polvoron(my personal favorite), Php85.

In just a few hours of being home, we finished one box and now onto the plain. :)

YUM! this is mine! ALL MINE!

another addiction.

The HOP version is unlike the usual Polvoron i'm used to. This actually reminds me of how my grandma use to make it. The flour i think is more toasted than a typical Polvoron and more sweeter. I like that it doesn't easily break when i bite it. I love the assorted version especially the cookies and cream and pili flavors. However, some might find the pili, cashew or pinipig crushed too much. Nevertheless, you'll definitely know what flavor you are eating. The presentation is eye candy as well. Great as gift giveaways for celebrations and this coming Christmas. Overall, I am liking HOP's way of making Polvoron.

So, have you tried Polvoron? Do you love it as much as i do? Have you tried talking/singing/reciting while eating Polvoron? LOL!

There is a Mexican/Spanish version of this and I think, the Philippines, having been colonized by Spain for more than 300 years, have also been inluenced by their Polvoron, too. :)

much love,

P.S. I will try to make this a regular post featuring Filipino Desserts.

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