ellana mineral cosmetics event

Event: Ellana Cosmetics Showroom/Sales Office


I know this waay overdue! So sorry!

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Showroom/SalesOffice
Suite 508, West City Plaza Building
66 West Avenue, Quezon City
Mondays thru Saturdays, 10am-7pm

great space for finding that right shade and trying on the colors

supplied with vanity mirrors with great lighting

Ms. Connie and I

The opening day was full of people visiting but you will still be accorded the assistance you need. You just can't help not play with the testers. Its such a wonderful and friendly place to activate that Mineral makeup addiction. :)

What I like:
Spacious Room
Clean and cool Interiors
No annoying sales ladies watching your back
Friendly people
Great assistance to those clueless with what to buy
You'll never want to leave.

See you there!

much love,

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