What Kind of Butterfly Am I? (Digital Angel Contest)

Digital Angel is currently hosting her first contest ever. Her theme is "What kind of Butterfly Are You?"

Since i am not very much familiar with butterflies but when i saw this one, i just fell in love. :) This little flutter carries most of my fave colors.. :)

But being a rebel can't make me help not to input a little bit of Shen in it... Instead of black, i figured i'll use purple on the outer lids. :) Great outcome since i'm loving smokey looks these days. :)


1. Apply any kind of eye base. I used Elianto Eyeshadow Base.
2. Apply Ellana Venus (shimmer rose pink), using wet spongetip applicator to INNER LID.
3. Apply MAD Big Apple (hot pink shimmer) to the MID LID (still wet spongetip applicator).
4. Apply MAD Black Cherry (burgundary/black shimmer with sparkles) to the OUTER LID and 1/2 CREASE (still wet application)
5. BLEND OUTER COLOR with Black Cherry to erase harsh lines
6. Dab MAD Sultry Green (deep emerald with midnight hues) for effect and BLEND.
7. Apply Prestige Liquid Eyeliner in Brown/Black
8. Apply Black Cherry on the outer lower lash line.
9. Apply Ellana Venus on the inner lower lash line
10. Tightline using MAC eye pencil in EBONY (black eyeliner pencil)
11. Apply your fave mascara.

excuse the pimples please.

BareNaturals Skin Perfecting Primer
Ellana Hazelnut Latte Foundation
Ellana Beloved to contour hone and cheeks

Joppa Minerals in Carribean
MAC Peachtwist

Ellana Strawberry Kiss Lip Treatment
NYX round l/s in Peony
NYX l/g in Smokey Pink

to complete the look, i wore my butterfly top from a brand store here in Manila, YRYS. :) i look so fat in it but with this angle... hmmm.. what do think?

much love,

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