TV: Fringe Pilot Episode

i'm sorry, i can't help not to blog about this...

This is yet again another sci-fi TV Series that will keep on the tube... not only for the plot but for my fave eyecandy, Joshua Jackson. Don't ask me why but he's soooo hot!!! my heart skips a bit everytime he's shown on screen. Le sigh... the the Mighty Ducks Team Captain grew up to be oh so Mighty-licious! :)

he's sooo cute... Can i keep him?

i just knew he would be by just looking at his pics on my BOP and Tigerbeat magazines way back.

i want him now, as in now na!!
i can't believe i get to see him every week now. :) le sigh!

So, have you got a crush before who grew up to be this gorgeous? LOL! :)

much love,

who apparently loves sci-fi and crime-drama tv series. :)

P.S. I just hope i won't go bored with this just like what to happened to Lost and Alias. J.J. Andrews have a way of making things like that for me. :)

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