Revlon Custom Creations Foundation

I've been recently seeing this nifty bottle at the magazines since last month and recently on VanityClinic by MUA in Scrubs (nice name, right?). Revlon Custom Creation Foundations reminds me of my Makeup Artist friends who plays around with foundation in light, medium and dark shades to get a perfect match for their models. Imagine not bringing 2 to 3 bottles but just this one? Not only is it cheaper but space-savers for the other really important stuff on their traincase. There are 5 settings to choose from in order to achieve a light to darker shade. Like i said, nifty, right?

I recently visited a local mall and found out that this bottle cost only P895. Beats buying 3 different shades for the the same price... each!!!

I don't think that this is only made for the convenience of Makeup artists but also for those who have been having a hard time finding thier foundation match (me! me! me!). I will be trying this product soon myself. I can't wait!

How about you? What liquid foundation are you recently lemming for?

much love,

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