Loot: Covergirl VolumeExact & Revlon Custom Creation

My recent date with the Two hotties and my BB's(Blog Buddies) provided a chance for me to get a few stuff at Robinson Galleria's Health and Beauty section. I was just suppose to get some face cleansing essentials since i was gonna surprise R and sleep at his place for our 37th month. Hihihi!

I grabbed my fave lip and eye makeup remover from L'oreal, cleansing wipes from Elianto and Dove facial scrub. Then i saw the girls(Jheng and Jamie) trying on some lippies at Cover Girl, like those similar to LustreTwins. I also tried out a few of the shades but found nothing that suits my fancy. Besides, I still have about 30++ of NYX lippies i haven't used. I should've headed for the counter but instead I went to the mascara part of CoverGirl and asked Jheng if she has tried the mascara. She recommended the VolumeExact so i grabbed one. Enabled? Maybe.. Maybe not. :)

We all had a grand time. Me, Phoebe, Jamie and Jheng also tested thier liquid foundation that smells cherry almond. Yum! Phoebe's skin is so gorgeous she barely needs makeup . Jamie, well Jamie is a hottie. Jheng in her pretty dress was turning heads. :)

the bristles provide in IMO a better way of coating the mascara without the clumps

after i dipped the tool, see how each rubber bristles is coated. it did the same to my lashes.

there a safety cap provided.

When we crashed at Jheng's place, she offered to give my her Revlon's Custom Creations in Fair/Light. Isn't she nice?

Thanks, J!

one pump per turn... (i think i did this wrong). I should hav pumped a few time with each turn for the shades to show. haii...

There isn't much changes in the shades since i think you have to pump a lot of times before getting the shade you really want. Notice that at the last swatch, it is relatively darker than the rest of the shade.

I'm hoping to try this soon.

much love,

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