Swiper Swept Away

Last Friday, I became a part to one of the best Surprise Party and Gift of the Year '08.

It's the Swiper's 25th Birthday!

Held at Mi Piance Resturant, Peninsula Manila
(during and after Event)
The Food served at this resto is soooo delish!

Great food + Great Friends + Great Drinks + Great Hotel = A Great Surprise Party

Birthday girl
We are hoping she doesn't have a clue. :)

Birthday Girl with her friends. :)
(top: Claud, Phoebe(Birthday Girl. Red Lippie, dead giveaway. lol!), Roanne, Jane
sitting: Chay, me, Sophie, Sasha, Didi
i'm sooo thrilled to have finally met all of you!! :)
{img src}

My poison of the night: Singapore Sling... Yummo!

All i can say is that i'm fortunate to be a part of this event and especially the Surprise Party. :)
Thanks to the Bugged and Beautynomist for preparing this for our dear dear Swiper.
It was also great meeting you, girls! :)

We love yah, Phoebe!

muchos amores,

P.S. We still went for an after-after party at Temple Bar, Greenbelt.
Never drink Vodka Bull. You'd be up til 5am like I did! :)
Had fun bonding with you, guys and girls!

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