Product Review: Monistat Chafing Relief Powdel Gel

Gel-like consistensy
A bit thicker to typical gel,
will glide with a little more effort. blend well onto the skin.

about 3 to 4 peanut size on the whole face concentrating on t-zone area.

Staying Power:
(please note i use sunblock before Monistat and using mineral makeup foundation)
Crowded Party (non airconditioned room): 1 to 2 hours before using blotting paper or touch ups
School, including commute: 4 to 6 hours before using blotting paper or retouch
Malling or date: 4 to 6 hours before retouch or using a blotting paper.

varies (not more than $7 a tube)
here in manila, usually sold by independent seller for Php470 and above.

Noticeable changes:
Upon using Monistat anti-chafing gel, i saw a definite improvement with my makeup application. what i appreciate more is the fact that when i apply my foundation, it looks more even compared to not using one.

Another definite improvement is that my makeup(foundation and blush) lasts longer. but definitely not an 8 hour thing for me. But i find myself not doing a lot of touch ups Although the oiliness of my skin is still a challenge to this product since oils are very much visible on my skin on the 3nd or 4ourth hour depending on where i am. Bugger... i know. Still, i have to bring my oil blotting paper with this primer.

As for a cheaper alternative to primers since we all know that primers in the Philippines are near inexistent or either very expensive, this one does the job well. Definitely ask your relatives or friends from abroad to get you one.

Where i use it often:
Since i have stocked up on this product (thanks to my generous US citizen relatives), i used this mainly everyday for school and errands to wherever. I have to use this often since the consistency of this product will turn very very dry and goopy when it has expired(like a toothpaste that hasn't been used). Not to mention that an expired product is never to be used in any part of your body!

The Downside:
What i am not pysched about this product is the expiry date. Also that i have to blend it well on my skin since i find that this is harder to blend compared to the other primers that i have tested. meaning, you won't get the coverage you want if you don't blend well.

Another is that there is no added benefit whatsoever with using this product except as a primer or chafing relief gel. There's no sunblock or any other ingredient that can improve or help skin un like the other primers that i came across with.

What to watch out for?
I have to give you the heads up that a fellow beauty blogger has noticed that this primer has been giving her blackheads. So, just watch out for that. I have not experienced this but since i have open pores and usually have blackheads(thanks to bad genes and habit), i pretty much don't see the difference. It's not noticeable especially when i get my weekly facials.

Do i recommend this?
Yes. Especially to those that are not really conscious on what they put on their faces and looking for cheaper alternative face primers. I think those who experience less oiliness on the t-zone will definitely love this product.

The verdict?
The Kikay Pinay gives this product: 3.5 out 5 Kikay Pinay Points.

Hope this helps. Please provide constructive comments and reactions below.

Have you tried Monistat as face primer?

much love,

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