Product Review: Ellana Lip Treatment in Strawberry Kiss

There is nothing more disappointing than a chapping lips, in my opinion. I find it a total turn off and i find it. Unfortunately, I suffer from it. So if you are like me, who has trouble downing 8 glasses of water everyday, enjoys occasional alcoholic beverages, socially smokes and eats a lot of unhealthy food... then you must also suffer with dry, flaking puckers. Sad, i know.

Though i always say that Beauty is discipline... is it easier said than done. So that Kikay Future Lawyer in me always find a loophole in all my problems.

If you have seen my previous post where i raved about my lips, it's because of Ellana Lip Treatment in Strawberry Kiss I acquired at the Fab Finds Bazaar. It is rich with Avocado, Tomato Extract and Shea Butter. It promises to keep your lips kissably soft. And I agree. I've used this product almost everyday since i got it and ever since, i have not experienced major chapping on the lips. I can actually get away without wearing lipgloss or lipstick with this one. I love it!

wearing Ellana Lip Treatment in Strawberry Kiss

I have less to no chapping on the pucker region.
Very very cheap. only Php150. :)
My lips looks unbelievably soft
Its not glossy or sticky. Thank God!
It has a little shimmer and color.
Scent is subtle.. not too strong
I can wear it alone with no need for lipstick.
Amount of product on the pot is full to the brim. You get your money's worth.

Easily available to us Filipinas since this is made locally.


The Kikay Pinay gives Ellana Lip Treatment: 5 out 5 Kikay Points

How do i use it? I use it in 3 ways.
1. Before makeup application in the morning.
2. Before going to bed.
3. Anytime within the days before i apply my lipsyick or lipgloss.

much love,

P.S. Always remember to exfoliate lips and drink lots of fluids. :)

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