hot pink nails + MAC mini Haul

My schedule is getting a lighter but its midterms next week so i'm hoping i could get through it without problems.

Late last night, I painted my nails. :) I used my Caronia Claret. Its a nice hot pink color. Although this not comparable to the higher brand, i get by with this brand just fine. Maybe because i grew up with my mom using this everytime she visits the salon near our home in Q.C. :)

Now, i just have to learn how to design my nails like Nikki, our Askmewhats. I just love how she does her nails with all the designs on it. :)


I finally completed my Neo Sci-fi collection! Yey! My very first complete MAC collection. I'm quite happy because i truly am in love with the this collection's eyeshadow.

sigh... i'm so in love with the colors.

I'm so happy! :)

much love,

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