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I have a confession.

I've been slacking that i think i gained a lot since the Midterm week started. I eat when i'm stressed, unfortunately and i seem to have a bad bad craving for McDonald's McChicken Burger (upsize Coke, regular fries) and the McCafe's Blueberry Cheesecake. Again, very very bad. It is also not a help that McDo is literally a block away from my place. Actually, the only thing separating me from McDo is just an abandoned lot.

Living near McDonald's for almost a decade should have killed my craving from it. But it didn't. I still find it my solace and rescuer when i get lazy to cook. I actually buy my rice there when i have no patience with the rice cooker. Shoot me, why don't you? So, now that mids are over. I have no reason to visit that place anymore. I can't say to myself that i need sustenance while studying.

When the school started early this year, i got a lot of compliments i lost weight and it looks good to me. That was followed with the question, "What did you do?" Some presumed i am either going to the gym or taking diets pills. My answer, No and No. I actually eat yogurt.

Yes, yogurt. Why? I didn't know the actual benefits at first but i remember way back that yogurt is a good alternative for snacks and even dinner. So, for the whole Holy Week (which is also a time for penance) i only ate Yogurt for snacks and dinners accompanied with fruits. Since i can't cut off rice and Coke, I sacrificed my dinner time to just eating Yogurt. That week alone made me lose 5 pounds. I maintained that weight just recently. I don't need a weighing scale to tell me now that i gained weight because my calorie intake this week alone can feed about a hundred and one kids in Africa or maybe even more.

To support my testimonial, I have gathered these facts to inform you the benefit of eating yogurt.

Not only is yogurt a wonderful quick, easy and nutritious snack that is available year-round, but researchers are finding evidence that milk and yogurt may actually add years to your life as is found in some countries where yogurt and other fermented dairy products (like kefir) are a dietary staple.(

Yoghurt has nutritional benefits beyond those of milk: people who are moderately lactose-intolerant can enjoy yoghurt without ill effects, because the lactose in the milk precursor is converted to lactic acid by the bacterial culture. The reduction of lactose bypasses the affected individuals' need to process the milk sugar themselves.[2]

Yoghurt also has medical uses, in particular for a variety of gastrointestinal conditions,[3] and in preventing antibiotic-associated diarrhea.[4] One study suggests that eating yoghurt containing L. acidophilus helps prevent vulvovaginal candidiasis, though the evidence is not conclusive (wikipedia)

The yogurt eaters lost 22 percent more weight, 61 percent more body fat and 81 percent more stomach fat during the 12-week study. (

A study published in the April 2005 International Journal of Obesity looked at obese adults who cut 500 calories a day while consuming three daily servings of low-fat yogurt. It found that they lost significant amounts of fat, especially around the waist, while maintaining lean muscle tissue. The three-yogurts-a-day group lost 22% more weight, 61% more body fat, and 81% more stomach fat than a comparison group who ate just one serving of yogurt daily. ( women's diet secret entry)

There are more but i guess you get my point.

What i like about yogurt:
1. Cheap
2. Safe
3. Great for snacks especially with fruits
4. I can attest that i did lose weight eating this. :)
5. definitely won't feel guilty eating this for midnight snack.

What i don't like about yogurt:
1. I can never seem to get use to the taste. I actually eat more of the plain low fat yogurt rather than with the fruit variant. But the latter is more tolerable for others.

How i take my yogurt:
I eat dinner before 6pm. Then, if i get hungry during my study session, I grab this as my snacks I accompany this with slice fruits whatever is available in the fridge.

During lazy afternoon and i get a crazing for sweets, i grab a sweetened yogurt and lots of water. This is enought to make me feel full that i can get by until dinner time.

I can eat 2 to 3 yogurt a day.

Anytime i feel hungry , I just a grab a cup of yogurt and lots of water or fit and right juice.

Once in a while, I skip this and actually eat a full meal of dinner after 6pm.(we all got to have some break right?)

So the next time you do your grocery, grab a yogurt instead of your favorite snack.

much love,

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