UD Shadow Deluxe Swatches + FOTD + GFs + Movie

I didn't sleep before my saturday class. I stayed up all night studying and watching tv series online. I can't believe that i was able to even volunteer for a recitation and didn't get called on my second subject.

L-R: Fishnet, Honey, Ransom, Graffiti, Zero, Peace, Shag, Scratch and Underground.

They are very pigmented.
The colors are very versatile for a tamed look (Shag, Scratch and Underground),
To really cool colors (Graffiti, Zero and Peace),
To sweet yet funky (Fishnet, Honey, Ransom),

You can definitely play with all the shades. :) I do wish i have time to party of take a round about town to wear the more daring colors of these pallete.


Here's an FOTD where i used some of the shades in the Urban Decay Shadow Deluxe Set and MAC Neo Sci-fi. :) All of them are love, love, love!!!

Ellana Hazelnut
MAC Peachtwist
Ellana Beloved to countour

Squinting because of the sun.. :)

The She Space No Morals

Urban Decay Scratch
Urban Decay Underground
Urban Decay Shag
MAC Femme Fi
MAC Magnetic Fields
MAC BlackTrack
Maybelline Volume Express


I attended Quorum generanal meeting in San Beda College. It was fun to see the girls again. After that, Hun and I watched Hancock at Bluewave Marquinton. We first had dinner at Gerry's Grill. Ordered Crispy Pata and Pork Liempo. Both a fave fave dish. ;)

I can't believe that i actually slept on the first few minutes of the movie. I was definitely tired and needed to catch some much needed Zzzz.. Hun was sweet enough to let me sleep immediately when we got some.

C and Me

Beautiful Quorum sisters

Hancock was a treat. I like the twist...

That's all for now!

much love,

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