Just In: Camellia Rose Primer

I finally received it!!! 2 days early!! I DO LOVE MY POST OFFICE!! :)

Remember my post about that last package I've been waiting for and dying to have? It's this one! My Camellia Rose Primer in Original Skin Smoothing Primer and Skin Smoothing Primer V 2.0.

I remember the time i first stumbled unto the Camellia Rose Site. I was just in awe! But I had to wait for Jen (the maker of this primer and owner of Camellia Rose) to open up again. I waited for about 2 months i think before she opened up again (mommy Jen's priority is her baby of course). And by the time she did, i was in debt from my makeup purchases so i had to wait to save up and pay my bills. It was really a journey getting to this product... and its here. Law of Attraction really works!

Also, i am leaving for the province on July 31 to see my uncles and aunts. I was expecting not to receive the package this week but rather next. But when i came back from an errand this morning, Aunt W handed me this... Clearly, these primers and i are meant to be! :)

I ordered both formula to see which will work best for me. These Primers i've read are best for mineral makeup users! Say what?? That's me! I will be trying the V 2.0 today which suits sensitive skin. I don't have sensitive skin but i'm acne prone. Let's see!

Isn't it sweet when owners take time to write a sweet note thanking you? :) Jen also gave me a free Rose Clay Shea. :) Love freebies!

I forgot to order the Zit Serum.

Thanks, Jen!!!

Can't wait for my review?
Visit the following Site:
The Mineral Makeup Blog
Shades of Hue
The Makeup Talk


Do i feel bad that i'm not waiting for my any packages anymore? Not really, i think i have everything i need. :)

I'm in no buy mode until my birthday!! :)

much love,

P.S. This addiction is not stopping... it's just taking a hiatus.

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