120 Eyeshadow Palette and Eyelashes Haul from HK

You can't believe how hard it is to get up from bed today. It was raining hard, the weather is cool and i didn't even have my A/C on.. With my bed having fresh sheet and smelling quite good, it would have been a trial getting up. However, when i received a phone call from my beloved City post Office i quickly got up and got dressed to claim my package (hihi! I sneaked about 5 to 10 minute snooze).

I was even late for class but I didn't care. I wanted to claim it so badly. So even if i couldn't open it up in school, i waited patiently. It paid off coz 30 minutes before the end of class, there was an announcement that the ALL Classes are Suspended due to the storm! I immediately hailed a cab and headed straight home! yey me!

Most of us missed out on the May 29th release of the CS 88 eyeshadow palette. While some just can't give in to the expensive shipping ($40.40 for the palette and shipping to Manila). Some even had qualms since there are reviews that some pans arrived broken... what did Kikay Pinay do? Like the Princess of Cheap that I am, I searched for the Alternative. I wanted one with just the blushes. But lo and behold, type palette on Ebay search bar and you'll get a lot of hits! Of course, i didn't order immediately. I researched and researched (blogs and youtube) and then i also asked the people on their feedbacks.

Finally, i decided to get one after knowing and seeing palettes from Inan, iloveMAC and a few positive replies i received from buyers of the seller... I GAVE IN. I ordered this 120 Eyeshadow Palette from CHICGALLERY who i think owns a lot of accounts in ebay (when i saw Gracie's 120 palette). I also included 10 false eyelashes with a free glue.

it took 2 weeks to arrive from a country that is about 1 and a half hour away from the Philippines.. i don't know who's fault or "process" it is, but it sucks.

CHICGALLERY owner is accomodating. Despite my numerous questions, i was patiently replied to. I am also informed when my items were shipped.
I know it is very risky to bid/buy from ebay but (knock on wood), i can say that this is yet another successful purchase journey for me.

I'll give CHICGALLERY 5 Kikay Pinay Points for smooth transaction.

This is only my experience. I am not in anyway advertising this product or seller. I cannot vouch for the smoothness of transaction at your end.Although i do wish we will share the same experience.I highly advise thorough research of the seller you wish to buy from not only base on their feedbacks but actually asking their successful customers since I have encountered some news in the past of sellers fabricating their positive feedbacks.

Package is very well packed. No broken items or cracked pan.
120 Eyeshadow Palette - $23.98
10pcs. false eyelashes - $9.58

I paid only $30.56

I think it's a lot cheaper last time i checked their site, like $10.00 for the 120 Pallete.

with free brush set same as those sold in Quiapo and Divisoria.
Thanks for the freebie!
At the back of the palette it also says:
Limit to use the period: Please use before 2011 january
NET: 144g

no more reason to shop! it's all here (at least most of the colors).

There are colors that are matte, shimmery and even marbleized. There are just tons of colors to choose from. You'll get lost just by looking. it's arranged according to their shades. Very very pretty.. :) Some are not as pigmented while other are bursting with colors. Remedy is to use an eyebase. :) Don't expect a MAC alternative, ladies. this is not comparable to the HG MAC or even my HG Mineral Multipurpose Powder. But it will do. :) Looks a lot like the BAXI and Quianyu eyeshadows sold in Quiapo and Divisoria. Too Bad, they don't have the exact pallete. I'd like to compare this to the CS pallete but i don't have that. Maybe when we have a makeup party, you can bring your CS palette and we can compare.

Look at that marbleized eyeshadow. not like MAC but at least you get a partial experience. :)

tons of eyelashes and free glue.

Since they are all the same, i will be giving some of them to my MUA friends when we meet up again. this is pretty cheap, especially for Makeup artists and those who enjoys creative eye looks. I like that the glue is clear and not visible like my other eyelash glue.

swatches, no base.
the orange is from the marbleized shadow.

I can't wait to play with these babies but after swatching, but the cold weather just lulled me to go to bed and catch some Zzzz.. maybe tomorrow?

Now, i'm only waiting for ONE for package! :) One that i've been dying to have ever since i became a makeup addict. :)


much love,

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  1. sis, anu gamit mo paypal?? wla kasi ako paypal gusto ko tlaga tong palette na to.. tnx


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