Review: Modelco EyeBrowz Designer Brow Kit

Modelco Eyebrows Designer Brow Kit
P1400 ($31.81 approx.)

What Modelco says:

Turn heads and raise eyebrows with EYE BROWS Designer Brow Kit.

Create the ultimate arch with all the shaping and grooming tools to colour, shape and define your eyebrows to perfection. The all-in-one designer brow kit contains a selection of four brow stencils, duo brow wax and powder, two angled head brushes for a defined application, grooming wand and precision slant tweezers in a sleek, chic compact.

To use: Beautiful brows have never been so easy. Simply select your desired brow shape from the professional brow stencils. Position stencil over eyebrow in line with your nose. Using one of the angled brushes shape, tame and extend your brows with the soft wax. Then with the other angled brush, fill-in and define brow with the matching fine pressed powder. Finally, tidy and tweeze stray hairs with the precision slant tweezers. Wipe stencil clean, turn over and repeat process on the other brow to create the perfect frame for your face and to accentuate your eyes!

What Kikay Pinay says:

Getting a bit frustrated with not having Anastasia here, I decided to get the Brow Kit from Modelco. After seeing Jheng's fabulous eyebrows in person, i decided to get it. Thankfully, it didn't disappointed me. With its helpful tips along with some Youtube tutorials, i learned (i think) how to make my eyebrows as decent as possible. The MUA at Beauty Bar also showed me how to use it. Its really is simple. First, look for the stencil nearest to your eyebrow shape then stencil it in with the wax. Lastly, apply the powder and simply comb it. For stray hairs, simply pluck it with the tweezer provided. Soon with practice, you won't even need to use the stencil.

I tried doing my eyebrows today and I'm quite happy to report that it stayed the whole day. The wax helped in making my eyebrows stay put. Honestly, its still on even after i gave my Duke a bath and did his grooming. :)

no guessing here.. :) i love what it did to my left eye. :)
I purposely did not put on makeup so the eyebrows will be the focus of this pic.
used white light, no flash

1. Everything I need is in it (tools: tweezer, 2 mini angled brushes, 1 spoolie, 4 stencils; wax and powder
2. The stencils - for clueless Pinay's like me
3. Available in the Philippines - in selected Beauty Bar Boutique
4. It's compact and Pink - need i say more?
5. So easy to use
6. Will last a long time - you won't need to use so much
7. Great for MUA who's just learning and starting

1. The Price - P1400 is not easy to shell out. Thank GOD for credit cards.

Kikay Pinay gives this product: 4 out 5 Kikay Points

so, how do you groom your eyebrows? any tips to share?

much love,

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  1. hi! where did you buy these?

  2. Pieamberdava_elize28/10/11 9:59 PM

    hi 'were did u buy modelco eyebrow kit?


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