EOTN: Red (that turned to pink) +my monDay+Falsies

EDIT: here's a pic of me looking up

The day started out great, my aunt from Houston called and confirmed that she is indeed coming here to visit her brother, my uncle. She promised to give me a D&B bag as well as some cosmetics she doesn't use anymore. Great thing was she asked me what i wanted from MAC!! Wahhh!! I'm like, nothing really!! Hello! I want the whole counter if i could have one! LOL!

Also, finally, the Lakers got a win in their belt today so the boyfie was in a good mood the whole morning. We had leftover pizza for brunch. I love pizza leftovers. Yummo!!

I went to cousin's house to give their orders. Got to catch up a little before i headed to the mall to deposit money on my Gcash (pay pending orders). Then i couldn't resist to shop. I bought a pair of peeptoe flats that goes well practically with anything i own. Great thing is its 25% off.

Another great news, we have Elianto at our city mall here! Yey! I got some cleansing wipes and moisturizer as well as some puff to use when putting on make-up on other people. I also got 3 wet/dry brush from ever bilena (these brushes are Amazing!).

I went to the grocery to buy some bread and sisig take-out in one of the kiosk.

At home, i watched DVD's and played with make-ups!

Enough said. Here's my 1st look.

I wanted it to be a RED EOTN but it didn't turn out that way. Bugger. I blended the Pureluxe OMG too much that it disappeared with its comrades.

This is also the first time i used FALSE EYELASHES. Whoa! I didn't think it would be that easy. I know i screwed up my left falsie but the thing is i got them on in about 2 minutes or less. I really thought i'd take forever on it. (pats my self on the back!) more practice!! :)

Elf concealer stick as base
Pureluxe OMG - crease
Pureluxe Ouch - outer mid lid
Pureluxe Fruit punch - inner mid lid
Pureluxe Strawberry - inner lid
Elianto Light Pink Shadow - highlight
Fashion21 - False eyelashes

Ellana Hazelnut Latte Premium Blend
Mary Kay Signature Concealer in ivory
Ellana Espresso con panna Oil absorbing Finish
Ellana Eye Color in Beloved for contouring
Ellana Blush in Tranquility as highlighter
BareNaturals Blush in Pretty Sofia

Carmex Strawberry Lipbalm (no color)

so, how was your monday? and what was your first make-up blunder?

much love,

p.s. I'm watching SATC the movie again!

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