My Facial Wash/ Soap

Kate Jone's Tea Tree Soap, P60

Cyleina Black Pearl Soap, P50
(i get this from fellow gtalker)

Barenaturals' Emu Soap, 4.50z, P245
(comes in 3 variants)

I remember Vianne asking me what i use as Facial Wash or Cleanser to remove stubborn MMU foundation. :)

All, except for Emu Soap, effectively removes excess MMU foundation that typical make-up remover don't.

I use Tea Tree Soap by Kate Jones Skin Care. Alternate with Emu Soap from Barenaturals and Black Pearl Soap from Cyleina Organics. :)

The Tea Tree Soap is for treatment when i get pimples (like right now). The emu soap for prevention(i use this mainly in the morning). The Black Pearl Soap for repair since it has whitening effect on the skin.

Using different soaps in my opinion is not a bad thing as long as you are not allergic or hyper-sensitive and you are up to it. :)

What about you? What Facial Cleanser do you use?

much love,
The Kikay Pinay

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