Kikay Pinay's Take on Rainbow Eyes

Hi everyone! :) This is one of the looks that i have been wanting to do every since i started watching youtube tutorials and blog-hopping... the Rainbow look. I found a pic from deviant art similar to this and was inspired more.

This is a rough try-out of the look. the flash washed out the colors. i really don't think this suit me.. or i have to get use to it. For a first time, i'm quite happy with it.

I also can't put all the colors i used since i pretty much used different brands. although i would suggest Sassyminerals, The She Space, MAC, and other cheap local pallettes. :) I do hope i did justice to the Rainbow look since this is really hard to pull off. I also hope i was able to blend. One thing i noticed is that i definitely need to learn tilting my head when applying my mascara since i tend to ruin my eye make-up because of it.

hope y'all like it. :)

much love,
The Kikay Pinay

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