busy week, rants, more shopping and eotds

My challenges these past few days:

huller! It’s been a grueling week for me... I had this paper to pass and as usual, I crammed again... my hands are sore coz the prof wanted it handwritten and computerized! Talk about double workload for a 2 unit subject. But I can't complain... I had to finish it. And I did!!! How? I really don't know. But I had to sacrifice a few days not writing anything here... :(

also the bf and I had a little LQ (lover's quarrel)... sad... sad... sad... it was just a misunderstanding but still nevertheless stressful... I'm glad we were able to work things out and compromise on few things. :) no, it’s not about cheating, I'm not pregnant and we are not breaking up... no matter how blessed I feel that I have a man who loves me ENTIRELY for who I am, there will be times that we will fight.

Also, I hate the looks that I often get that "I should be grateful I have a BF". You know, I’m not perfect... I get pissed off, mad and totally freaked out.. i can't feel grateful all the time..

but I’m glad that I got through it as well...

another thing, I stopped by office warehouse at SM Hypermart last night to get stuff for my paper. When I was about to pay, I handed the cashier my P500 bill to pay for my P41 worth of purchase. She then asked me if I have a smaller bill, I told her I don't (why else should I hand her P500 bill if I have smaller change?). She told me that she can't let me buy my items. I asked why and she said, "We don't have change for P500." and then I asked, so I can't get them? The insipid girl said YES and shrugs her shoulder.

I told her to wait coz I will still get the items but rest assured that I will report their branch for their pathetic customer service.

I didn't want shout at her anymore (which I normally would) since I was totally drained from my BF Fight and School work.

The bf told me to write to DTI (department of trade and industry) and email the Office warehouse main office. Which I definitely will!

Imagine?? A Store like them, didn't have a change for a mere P500?? And nonchalantly tell me I can't buy the stuff I needed??? di ba??? kaloka??? I was totally unnerved! This is the time I wanted mom with me so she can bitchslap the girl for her stupidity.

The prizes:

when I’m down... I get up and SHOP!! :)

So, I needed a change, right? It was a bad idea to go inside Watson’s.

Here's the damage.

i got the palette first (it's just released here in Manila). Then i got the mascara, the lippies and the fruit jelly last.. :) believe me, i felt so much better after this.

the lippie colors are red and neutral(the neutral is also newly released as seen on local magazines). :)

Sooo much to review!! :)

note: i was just suppose to buy travel pack tissues. lol!

Way over due posting:

i got this at the party of my sis, Atty. Jean, last week. Her friend from the states (i think) where selling a lot Claire stuff.

i got me a cellphone pouch with latch(to snap on my belt loop for those moments i need my two hands) and a starry starry kikay kit that fits my essentials. :)

my only EOTD for the past few days:

ellana eyeshadow in embrace and brilliance. :)
the lashes was curled by my new Shu Uemura Lash curler. :) you gotta have this baby! :)

my blue/green attempt... i wanna hurl. i don't like blues or greens on me.. or i just need to practice and get use to it. my mom entered the room and said "Ano ba yan!" (what is that?)

o well, that's it for now. i also got me a L'oreal Double Eye Lift.. let's see if it will lift my saggy eyes.. :) and a pair of wedge skimmers.. too bad it rained today. :(

Phew! this is a heavy post!!

i miss you all!!!

much love,
The Kikay Pinay

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