Essence of Beauty Brushes from CVS

1. Cheap-oh!!
At Home Face Kit - $12.99
Deluxe Duo Set - $14.99
Comb/Eyebrow and Fiber Eye Liner Brush - $3.99
Total: $31.97 ---> P1310 (give or take)
2. About the brushes:
Super super soft! :) i couldn't believe how soft it was. the face brush from the At Homew Face Kit was incredibly soft. Like a pillow. :) Sigh...
The Angled brush from the deluxe duo is a great tool for contouring. i think i got a comment here on my blog with regards to my cheekbones and remembering that i used this brush. :)
The small powder brush from the Deluxe Duo Set is very helpful for ridding of the extra powder i put under my eyes to catch pigments. i don't have to work with my kabuki or flattop brush with this one coz the small powder brush fits around my eyes. :) and i can evenly blend the powder.
3. It's travel-friendly! a plus in my book. :)
4. It has a reusable pouch (use it!)
5. the look of the brushes are gorgeous (doesn't look cheap at all). I like the woden handles and the lightness of the brushes. :)

1. It's not sold here in the Philippines. bummer.
2. The Sponge applicator was kinda loose so i don't bother with the handle. :) But thanks to Nessa, my forgotten sponge applicators are now being used again. money wasn't wasted after all.
3. It did shed a little on my first wash but i think i was leftover trims. will update you if it sheds again.
4. It's not sold here in the Pinas!!! wahh!

But watch out, one of the popular beauty bloggers might sell these brushes soon...

Kikay Pinay gives these Products: 4 KIKAY POINTS!

:) :) :) :)

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  1. hmm. i must be the only one on earth who doesn't own essence of beauty brushes. :0/

    shen, isn't it 2a in the P.I. right now? how come you're still awake?

  2. hey I don't have Essense of Beauty brushes too! THat makes 2 of us (g)ezebel :)

    Sis shen, thanks for the review. I hate it how good stuffs aren't available here in PI :)

  3. If you love Essence of Beauty brushes, you should definitely try to score some Sonia Kashuk. =)

  4. (g), i really really sleep late. :)

    nikki, i know! but hands down to nice people who we can ask to buy things for us. :)

    clotheswhore, it was on my list. but the blending brush was out of stock when my friend was there. :)

  5. I have so many EOB eyeliner brushes. It's cheap here in the US and it sometimes comes in packs of two for the price of one. I also have the big brown powder brush, which is sooooo soft, I don't mind it sheds sometimes. I can't stand the kabuki shedding though. I've been eyeing those travel set brushes for a long time now. The set that were dual-ended looks nice, but i store them standing up, so it's hard to work with.

  6. i'm trying the e/l bush today. wsh me luck!! :) ohhh.. i wanted the kabuki too.. but i'm saving up for the ectools. :)

  7. those are niceee affordable brushes shen =) whos gona sell those brushes?


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