MAC Brushes Dupe

first off, i don't sell or advertise this product. this is to show y'all that there are fakes out there and this is what they look like.

when i heard that a local tiangge sells MAC dupe brushes for a very very cheap price, i went to see for myself.

what did i notice? there is no way this would pass off as MAC brushes. :) thanks so much. I also noticed that the label is so big and its situated in the middle. more so, there are no numbers. i got the 187 dupe and the natural/goat hair blush brush that wants to pass off as 134 failingly.

the price is sooooo cheap however unlike other MAC fakies out there that is being sold for unreasonable prices.

you'll notice as well that the stippling brush is not as compact as it is with the true 187.
but for blush or even foundation application, this is workable. i used it to apply my MMU foundation and the application is passable. but still, compared to my Lumiere Duo Fiber Optic Brush, this is much too translucent. You can actually see that the white fiber optics are not distributed properly.

I don't recommend buying the blush brush! it shades like crazy. Even for P280, i think i wasted money. although it is soft after washed it... i'm kinda phobic to wash them again. :(

Honestly without the MAC thing about it, its actually a good buy for a stippling brush. It doesn't even have the same handle as that with the orig MAC. i just hope they didn't put the MAC label there. :( But this is how world works. :(

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  1. check out this site. all guaranteed authentic MAC

  2. hi! where did you buy the fake mac brushes? =) ty.

  3. hi! as policy, i can't tell where i got these. hope yah understand. thanks!


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