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I just gotta share this with you guys coz i just can't help not to.

I ride the LRTA going to and fro school. Going home last night seem to be uneventful. Until, i noticed how noisy the group beside me are.. It was tres impossible not to overhear their kwentuhan. I really didn't mind, they were friends and friends chat where ever). But what caught my attention was this part...

Girl1: Yung kanta na Irreplaceable ni Beyonce? Siya ba ung irreplaceable or ung guy?
(then proceeds to sing.. quite loudly I must say!)
You must not know about me...
You must not blah blah.... (yup! struggled with the lyrics)
Girl1 (again): kasi di ba? ang irreplaceable, di napapalitan? so kung ung guy napapalitan dapat replaceable.
proceeds to sing... You're replaceable!!!
(i wanted to laugh out loud! she was so very funny!)
The girl proceeded to sing every other10 or 20 seconds and chatted. The 2 companions shared their views on it but none of them seem to remember that the song goes a little something like this

"Don't you ever for a second get to thinking, You're irreplaceable."

hence, the reason why the song was Irreplaceable

I wanted to tell them... but i hate to be rude or "intrimitida."

So, the whole ride and until i got home and switched on my TV, my LSS (last song syndrome) is Irreplaceable!

Honestly, i'm not demeaning her or anything. It was just really funny for me how she struggled to remember the lyrics and how funny she was acting. that if she was my friend, i would have probably sang with her. :)



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  1. That's a funny story. I learned a new word! Ang hirap naman i-pronounce yung intrimitida.

  2. lol, i've heard a number of conversations like that before. parang gusto ko ring mag butt-in. hehe

  3. hhaha..i remember this incident before, nakapila kami sa sinehan for the movie tomb raider. and there was these 2 girls na ang ingay ingay at english ng english...then one of them say "i am so excited to watch this movie's like i've been waiting for this movie for like 2months na ha...i wanna watch TOMB RIDER na!" geesh nakakailang "like" at "na" kaya siya sa isang araw. tapos ung pagkakapronounce pa niya ng tomb is TOMB as in "O" and yung raider is "RIDERRRR" as in sobra ata sa "R" halos bumaliktad ako kakatawa.

  4. Now I'm singing along..

    "you're irreplaceable!"

    Double the laughter @ sis Jheng! that is sooo funny!

  5. haha you're funny Shen! :P that would have irritated me too, pero like you i will also keep quiet as it's none of my biz. but you are right, it is downright hilarious and annoying at the same time! lol.


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