1st day of bummer class & Kat Von D Look

have you noticed how hot it is today? we really do have to start thinking about how we treat mother nature. tsk! tsk!

anyhoo, today is the first day of summer class. i wasn't able to attend my 4-6pm class since i just added it. still have to finalize it tom. it's a good i'm buying a traincase for a fellow multiply user and will be going to school early anyway. my prof in my second class didn't attend today. that gave me and the boyfie time to pick up duke's stuff from his place. :)

here's my FOTD today. i'm channeling Kat Von D of MiamiInk and LAInk.

this is my gf!!! lol!

barenaturals s5 primer
monave angel setting powder
ellana caramel latte
ellana espresso con panna finishing powder

barenaturals cheeky cheeks

she space lipjunk no moral (HG lippie atm)

i tried to stay away from purple but my han has a mind of its own..
but i used sultry green from MAD.. hehe! palusot.

Mac P/P in Painterly - all over lid and waterline
joppa manna - inner lid/highlight
MAD kunzite - outer v and 3/4 crease
MAD sultry green - outer V to half crease.. outer waterline.
CS char-kohl pencil me in - e/l

another inarte pose

i had on a vintage tee with a gun design (total rocker chic) and i had my hair a bit messed up with my P50 gold aviator on top. i had the skinny jeans.. i just wish i had an ankle boots to match. i do have black pointy boots but its so damn hot that i wore my flats. lol!

let's see who i channel tom.


ps. can't wait to get vi's DIY liptints tom! yahoo!

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  1. Hi Shen! Thanks for stopping by! I know makeup is so addicting isn't it??? But fun! Love the look! Looking forward to seeing you around! :)

  2. Hi sis, hahaha super love the poses! ang cute! hahahha Dapat you should have done the same post as the pix that inspired you! heheh joke lang! :)

  3. sexxxaaaaayyyyy! :-)

  4. luv luv the smoky look.... smokin hot yet still pretty cute...truly kikay pinay!

  5. thanks everyone! :) i adore all of you. you make my day!

    aika, walang tatalo sa fierce look mo!
    nessa, thanks for visiting too! you're becoming a daily habit. lol!
    nikki, i was lacking two more helping hands eh... tas i wanna spare you from seeing my gigantic bilbil! lol!
    liz, you're hot yourself!
    bhing, venture to eyecolors na rin! kaya natin ito! :)

  6. hahahah sobrang natawa ako! you're funny well..if u did that, I assure you, your blog hits will go up the roof :) hehehe

  7. That's one hot look! I did a green look yesterday. Too much for the mall and it elicited too much stares. lol Too hot indeed. I woke up sweating! I hope the lippies I sent won't melt!

  8. Shennn! :) I love, love, love your eye makeup. and napatingin rin ako sa bracelet na gawa mo! Naks! :)

  9. Hey! Thank you for dropping by my page! I must say... I do love your loot too! Wow! I love this make up blogging thing... Keep... smiling!

  10. nice one shen =) sexy smokey look!


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