salt shaker ain't for salt anymo'

i got this idea from another MMU lover in (so sorry i forgot). she got the one in target. it was soooo coool i made it my personal kikay pinay mission to find one just like that... of course, i was disappointed not to find the exact or even a replica of the salt shaker here in manila...

but this one could easily pass my standards (i lowered it a little)

for one thing, it has a cap. it snaps shut and remain close even if you turn it upside down.
since i didn't buy this for the kikay kit, this is a very convenient when doing my face daily. no scary moments that i put on too much founation on my mixing jar. :)

small but terrible?

it has smaller holes for more contro

your fave mmu foundi

simply just shake the shaker to your mixing bowl.. viola! controlled amount of mmu.


love it!

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