i'm kinda back

The Holy Week was fun, we did the usual Catholic Rituals (visita iglesia).

Fun thing was Mom and I checked in at Mandarin Hotel. I did a mini fieldtrip @ Landmark and found cute little things that i've been seeing in my fellow kikay's blogs. :) fun! fun! i got most of what i could. couldn't spend so much since i have a lot of stuff to buy for my room.

we took our cousin(from the US) out for dinner. I was so hung over my monday flew out the door. I also met with a client Aiu (so sweet), and gave her her orders. Then i got some containers and other important things for school.

I also took my Digicam to Sony Service Center. and it will take 2 weeks for the thing to get fixed!! :( :( :(

I helped out the boyfie with his papers for school. and i'm printing stuff for MA.

orders are pouring in. i just realize that ELLANA MINERALS are totally in demand. most stuff are easily out of stock. :) so for those you out there who's lemming for ELLANA, there will be some waiting to do. :) but it's ALL WORTH IT!! i love all my ELLANA!!

I can't wait to recieve my BARENATURALS NEW Blush Shade VIVA SOPHIA

I'm so loving my sample so i got me the FS (full size).

I also got Prettiest Pink Peach which is actually a dupe of NARS Orgasm. :) I guess you know why i want this blush. LOL!

Prettiest Pink Peach

i will be posting the actual pic soon.

I'll be relying on my N95 for awhile.. :(

anyhooo, i miss y'all!

will post more soon!!

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  1. Welcome back!!! Landmark is a "bomb" right? Landmark rocks! daming kikay stuffs :) I'm glad you got a cool blush that is NARS orgasm lookalike :) Will wait for your pix soon! Sorry about your Cam.

  2. Thanks! PPP is expected to arrive today.. :) can't wait to use it and see if it will give that "look." lol!

    i'll be posting my landmark loot later on.

    thanks for visiting!

    love love your blogs!

  3. YAY!can't wait to see it!!! I'm sure it'll look great! Thanks for loving my blog! :D Glad to have readers like you :D


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