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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Neutrogena Wave Launch

I'm sure may of you have seen the Neutrogena Wave even before I did at the shelves of Watson's Stores all over Manila. Watson does have everything, I think. And many of you probably either tried it or had qualms in purchasing one.

When I got an invite to the Nuetrogena Wave Launch, I couldn't be more happy since I've been waiting for something like this to be sold in our country. Mainly for the reason of routine face washing that my skin badly needs everyday or so. You see, I breakout a lot and most of it is caused by dirt that seeps underneath my skin that regular washing of the face can only get rid of. Although my Garnier Light Facial Scrub is doing an excellent job, I can't always use facial scrubs everyday for the reason that it makes my skin more sensitive.

The event was held at Dusit Hotel at Tosca Italian Restaurant. I stuffed myself with their wonderful appetizers that I didn't have room left for entrees. :) Well, silly me, i know. :)

The presentation was hosted by Patty laurel, a known Nuetrogena endoser. Neutrogena Wave is aiming to be in the league of the Ipod, mouse, VW car and laptop, meaning a part of a person's everyday life. Well, you can't imagine me goinf anywhere without my netbook. So i get what they mean. :)

the unveiling was a techie as the product.. it came from under the tubular table :)


side view

easy steps to follow

Nikki of

Q&A time.. :)

Ms. Patty Laurel in a turquiose tube dress with zip detail in front with tan pumps.

beauty bloggers in the house. :)

My initial thoughts: I use it every night to completely remove all my makeup, oil and dirt that my makeup remover can't. Its gentle enough for everyday use. My skin felt and visibily softer after each use. I'm very impress provided that the price is only P575. So far, its not making me breakout. :) But I'm still down to a few more pads so let's see. :)

What I love more about this gadget is that my hand is barely touching my face. I minimize tugggung and pulling so I won't cause anymore wrinkles in my face. :)

much love,

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Wave

I guess you're wondering what The Wave is... well, so am I!

You only have to go to the nearest Watson's Boutique to know what I'm talking about.

Neutrogena finally brought The Wave here in Manila! Experience a 10x Deeper Clean.

I can just imagine cleaning my face turning into a fun regimen instead of the usual ho-hum routine. :)

The commercial alone got me excited.. :)

I'm glad that Vanessa Hudgens is the Wave ambassadress, not only is she a great actress but Filipina to boot. :)

I will share you my Wave experience in days to come. :) But I'm telling you now, I'm loving it... as if I'd bring you, ladies, something unworthy... Only the best for my girls. :)

much love,
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