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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good Luck, Manny!

The BF will be cheering for you! I will take this day as quiet day... I plan on joyriding across the metro since I feel that nobody will be outdoors for the Pacquaio Vs. Enriquez fight. Or I will just stay in bed the whole day and read. The BF pretty has dibs on TV whenever Manny has a fight...

What are your plans?

I'd ask who's your bet but then, I know the answer already! Of course, it's Manny!

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(Photo Credit : Chris Farina - Top Rank)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Soothing my body with Phiten Life

I recently got acquainted with Phiten products. Phiten has been popular with sports athlete and those with highly stressful job. Phiten adapted the Phild Process in order to restor balance in the body. Something that athletes and those with demanding jobs really need.

Here's the more technical explanation of Phiten and the technology

Phiten is a Japanese brand that aims to help maintain the body's natural state of balance which is easily disrupted by today’s busy lifestyle.

Phild Process is a breakthrough technology from Japan through the effort of
Mr. Yoshihiro Hirata. It aims to help the human body maintain a balanced and relaxed state by influencing, restoring and balancing bio-electricity in the body.

Through the Phild Process, carbonized water-soluble forms of Titanium, Gold and Silver are used to permeate fibers and fabrics without the latter losing its texture creating Aquametal. AQUAMETAL is the remarkable water-soluble form of Titanium, Gold and Silver. These metals are then incorporated to Phiten products that when worn helps to improve circulation, promote healing and provide performance enhancement during physical activity.

1. Improvement – helps relieve pain like shoulder stiffness, backpain, muscle pain, improves blood circulation.
2. Prevention – helps prevent fatigue and injury by relaxing the muscles and thereby gaining some degree of flexibility; and
3. Enhancement – helps enhance physical abilities like muscle strength and flexibility; Maintains energy level throughout the day.

But what could it do for me, right? I actually thought of the same thing... When Mr. Ronaldo Colmenar urged us to try it on, it remind me of those baller bracelets. Then we saw the titanium ion things on the inside of the bracelets and the necklace.

3 Line Skeleton Bracelet - Php1,595.00
Rauwa Necklace S3 Line Skeleton - Php2,295.00

I got a bracelet and the BF will get the necklace.
The BF actually wore those for the last two bar exams and so far he has not made any back pain complaints when he came home unlike the first two weeks that he would have difficulty with his shoulders and back. So i guess it works, right?

My favorite item out of everything I got is the E-Water
I used this every night after driving because I'm having pains on my knees after a grueling traffic. Then I rubbed some under my eyes to relax the blood pooling there and making my eyes puffy. So far, so good.

E-Water Lotion Php1,495.00

The fact that it relaxes the muscle, I knew this would be a hit to me and my friends. Since it's pretty much safe to use on the face, this would be a great face moisturizer as it will definitely ease those wrinkles.

It just really looks like water but a little gel-ly.

Titan Tape - Php695.00 (not sure)

The future of Salonpas. Well, not really.
This one is great for those muscle pain on my arms after carrying my uber big bag stuffed with everything I can bring with me.

how to use... :)

I also got the mobile strap that goes for Php495.00

These things doesn't come cheap, though. But since many atheletes and CEO's got this around their necks, on their backs and even on their bed (yes, they have pillows and bed covers), then this is really something I should think on investing on. :)

The BF's birthday is coming up and I think a nice NBA Phiten necklace of this fave team would be something he likes. Hmmm...

much love,

Phiten is available in Toby's and they also have a free-standing stores in selected SM malls like Megamall and Mall of Asia.

products are provided by PR and Brand for blogging consideration. Opinions and words unless otherwise stated are the author's.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Reebok ZigTech, A Unique Gift for the BF

When I see rubbershoes, I think of a lot of hardwork and well, a lot of effort. Wearing rubbershoes usually mean that you have to exert a bit more of yourself when training, doing your workout and other physical activities (ehem! ehem! not that physical activity, naughty you!).

Being the good (at least trying to be) girlfriend to my significant other, I think of rubbershoes as one good gift to give him. But with so many rubbershoes out there, what should I give the BF that'll give him same expression as I do when ever he gives me my gifts?

Read more after the jump!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I got to start losing weight!

It's high time, I say!

Remember when you were a kid and you have a favorite outfit you simply won't take off? Well, mine came too late... It came in the form of Nike Zoom Trainer Essentials II. Having been a devoted Reebok fan for years now, I thought of Nike less and less over the years. However, it was a fateful day I passed by Nike Women at Greenbelt 5 and saw this sleek, white, hot pink pair of a rubbershoes and I just knew I got to have it.

I've actually been on a look out for an all-around rubber shoes for quite sometime now. I wanted to run again but at the same time take up boxing. I need a rubber shoes that would take me from one sport to another to the gym and even take me home. I was a eyeing a pair already at Reebok when this caught my eyes... Oh boy! I was done for.

I road tested my brand-spanking-new Nike Zoom the day after I bought it. Before the sun got too harsh early in the morning, I jogged around our compound to my heart's content (3 rounds.. hahahaha!).

The verdict:
The lightweight rubber shoes that Nike Zoom made me feel as if I was walking on air. I love that its sleek design doesn't make my small ankles and legs look awkward. I'm not really a sport buff that I could explain in details how the shoes worked. Basing on my experience, there wasn't that much different with a lot of the other shoes I've worn except that the design is truly comfortable, suitable for any kind of sports and may be partnered with a lot of my sports attire. Jumping and landing on my feet (going up and down the stairs) didn't feel I was putting too much effort on my feet.

Jumping and landing (going up and down the stairs) didn't feel I was putting too much effort on my feet.

The price: Php3,750.00

Surprisingly, the price was within my budget range. My mom, being a both Reebok and Nike Fan, considers both high end sports brand. This is one reason, one hardly sees me inside a sports store. But this rubbershoes surprised me being at less than four thousand worth. I was truly in luck.

Hopefully with this newly acquired gear, I will be able to shed off the many pounds I've packed over the past year. Having nice stuff to work out in when one ends up sweaty and out of breath definitely helps in upping the confidence. Who would wanna work out in ugly garbs anyway when one is already fighting off the flabs?

Okay, got to put on my Nike Zoom now!!

See yah soon!!

much love,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's so easy with EasyTone

2010 is all about trying new things. But one thing I can't seem to muster is to get into sports or visit the gym. I hate going to gym mainly because I'm so conscious of other people. Even if I know they don't care about me, it doesn't make a difference. I feel too fat and I think people there who are so fit will judge me. :( When it comes to sports, I've never been the sporty type so that's off the list... Really, I am too insecure, lazy and unreasonable when it comes to exercising. Blame it on low-confidence... :(

The only time I think I'm engaging into a sort of physical activity is when I walk my dogs. I walk them at night after work. When Reebok decided that I should give EasyTone a try, I thought that they just answered a lot of my physical activity problems.

EasyTone helps tone key leg muscles with balance pods that are built under the heel and forefoot of the shoes. With every step, the balance pods are designed to create natural instability. By forcing muscles to adapt, the shoe encourages toning of key leg muscles.

When one wants to start an active life, there shouldn't be a rush. I don't need to immediately join a gym, sign up for a sports or join a dance class. I can start by doing it at home or insert it through my day to day habits.

For instance, when I got my very own EasyTone rubber shoes, I chose stairs instead of elevators in order to work my leg muscles more. I find that I can tolerate long walks better after some time. Since my car is park too far from my building, I change my stilettos to my EasyTone and the walking to and fro my building gives that much needed exercise. Turning that wasted time in to mini-exercise time makes me feel great.

But I definitely feel the burn whenever I walk my three pups. Since I walk them successively instead of together. I get more walking and walkathon time. Since my legs are working 11% more than normal walking, I burn some calories even just a tad. I feel my legs and gluts tightening whenever I walk while wearing EasyTone Rubbershoes.

The thing is I thought that with the patented pod soles, I'd have a hard time balancing with these rubber shoes. Even thought I'd fall off if I stumble. It wasn't like that at all, this rubber shoes are so comfortable that I make excuses to wear this. I use this when I do my grocery and whenever its market day. I window shop with these rubber shoes. Those painstakingly long walks at the mall is not so tiring anymore. I actually look forward to it.

What's more is that since the design is slimmer that the regular rubber shoes, it's not so hard to pair it with my casual clothing. The colors of the shoes as well are fabulous colors that many women leans toward to. Chic is really an understatement.

Since I still can't summon the courage to run for a cause or even on a treadmill.. I think this EasyTone steps gets me on the way to living a life that will involve better physical outlook and healthy body.

Reeinspire J11257 Php5,495.00

Reeinspire J14073 Php5,495.00
sports enthusiast women will definitely feel this shade as it partners a lot of sports attire.

Reeinspire JS11260 Php5,495
This is the pair I got, the Reeinspire JS11260. :) sweet right? I love the muted gold and coral colors. Definitely says Shen in bold letters.

EasyTone Trend Php5,495.00

EasyTone Sunsaa Php5,495.00

EasyTone Sunsaa Php5,495.00

EasyTone Go Outside Php5,495.00
This is my fave of all. :)

Flip Php3,095.00
I was thinking of picking this one because of the ergonomic design. Isn't cute and great for this summer?

They say that exercise is not a walk in the park.... Maybe, it is with Reebok Easytone shoes.
Definitely give me no reason to lazy about my room when I have EasyTone to walk in. :)

Check out this fab video.

You'll see more photos in the upcoming posts. :)
And maybe a shot of my gluts when its firm enough with my EayTone usage. :)

much love,

Reebok EasyTones are available at Reebok Concept Stores: SM Megamall, Festival Supermall; and also available at Royal Sporting House and The Shoe Shop.
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