3 Simple Yet Fun Indoor Exercises for Kids

Kids need exercise to make them physically fit and mentally active. Here are kid-friendly exercises you should let your kids do to keep them physically active.

Ate Claud and my little Sharkie are feeling the effects of quarantine and it's up to us parents to find ways to increase and diversify their activities especially being physical - an important aspect of their growth that can be overlooked in the time of pandemic. Now, most kids are sedentary because they cannot run outside or play on the playground with their friends, and most of the time, they sit in front of a screen (guilty). But physical activities should be done by kids to develop their motor skills, cognitive skills, and bones and muscles. Just an hour of active play or exercise with your kids goes a long way.

This was the fun Ready Steady Go outdoor activity that we did before and I wish we could do this again.

When it comes to which physical activities to do, consider your child’s age, interests, as well as the location of your workout. If you live in a condo unit like the ones in Sheridan Towers for sale, it is best to go for kid-friendly indoor exercises so that you don’t need to leave your home to get the muscles working. To get you started, here are some exercises you can let your kids try.

1. Dancing

K-Pop dance songs are now more than ever popular not only to K-Pop fans but also to kids. If your kids love K-Pop and even memorized the dance steps that go along with each song, then you can let your kids dance for their exercise. You can also follow along with simple Zumba dance workouts online.

Dancing is an art and exercise. Doing dance exercises with your kids will help them condition their heart and lungs, increase their muscles, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. This also boosts their self-confidence.

2. Yoga

According to a 2016 study, yoga does more than exercising the body of school-age children. This activity also offers psychological benefits to your kids that can help them boost their focus and memory, and reduce their stress and anxiety. Claud does this regularly with me and it's also one of the PE activities that they do in school.

Kids’ bodies are a lot more flexible, so with a little bit of help from you, they’d be able to follow kid-friendly yoga poses such as boat pose, bow pose, bridge pose, butterfly pose, locust pose, and plank pose.

There are also yoga videos for kids online wherein yoga instructors tell stories while teaching yoga poses. Watching these videos while doing yoga with your kids is also an excellent way to exercise their listening skills.

3. Hula Hoops

For kids under age three, a hula hoop might be just a toy. But for older kids, they can do a lot of different exercises using hula hoops. For example, they can jump in and out of the ring or shoot a ball inside the hoop. When your child twirls a hula hoop in their body, like on their waist or arms for exercise, they improve their core strength, and it tones their stomach, buttocks, thighs, and arms.

You can combine these three kid-friendly exercises with other exercises you deem fit for your kids, such as push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks. Make sure that your kids are wearing comfortable clothes before doing the exercise and that there are mats on the floor to prevent unwanted accidents. Always start your training with a warm-up and end it with stretches. Most importantly, take this time to bond with your kids.

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