Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FOTD: Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream and Copper tones with Urban Decay Alice Palette

It's been a while since my last FOTD. I've been all too lazy and usually out of the house with just sunscreen on. I got sick the weekend before last and since then I hardly put on makeup. Also the weather isn't that cooperative lately. With all the rain, well let's just say that I've been a bit under the weather of late. Let's not even discuss about what happened at the hostage-taking last week. Really, who would have time and the morale?

But last Friday, I went to work and finally decided to put on some makeup. I will be meeting up with friends after. My face hasn't been behaving and I swear its taking revenge on me for all the late night I've been doing playing with God Finger and We Rule on my Iphone. So what does a beauty enthusiast do? Use a BB Cream to help heal her skin but at the same time provide a decent coverage.

I used the Dr. Jart Rejuvenating Blemish Base Silver Label (otherwise know as Dr. Jart Silver BB Cream). Since it's known that it has whitening and great for oily skin, this is the BB Cream that suited me that day.

Result of BB Cream topped with my Ellana Pure Blend 2-1 Concealer Foundation is a such a great combination. My mineral foundation sets my BB Cream. Some may find it a bit too much for their skin since Pure Blend has a heavy coverage. You can opt for a light to medium coverage instead. But me, I love it. Reduces oil production and covers my problem spots really well. Yes, I didn't use any concealer here except for my under eyes.

Now on the the eyes.

Like I said, don't be surprised if I've been using my Urban Decay Palettes all the time. I really need to finish even jsut one palette. LOL.

Used my Maybelline Smooth Felt Liner as eyeliner to make the winged tipped. Didn't bother to highlight my brow bone for the day.

Used my Revlon Grow Luscious by Fabulash for my mascara. Its a lash grower and mascara in one! I think this is the one with an ad that has Jessica Biel on it. I'll be reviewing this one for days to come so I really need to get that makeup mojo back. :)

I'm looking forward in making a lot more FOTD with days to come. BF finally switched places with me and my vanity is now right beside the terrace door. It'll be so much easier and quicker to take pics of my looks with the natural light. Maybe insert a bit of tutorial a blogger friend asked me to do.

Another thing, I've been using a new set of professional brush for all my makeup application lately. It's really something. I can't tell yet what brand it is but I'm telling you now that the quality is awesome. :) Yes, it will be available locally!

Happy weekday, everyone!!

much love,

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Listerine's Vanilla Mint Mouthwash is LOVE!

Do you a sweet tooth? Are you as OC as I am when it comes to taking care of your teeth, gums and mouth? Let me tell you about something I found out thanks to my good friends.

Listerine, the no. 1 brand of mouthwash created something that many of us have cravings for. Although I love mouthwash and its minty fresh feel, I'm often annoyed with the stinging feel it gives to my mouth and tongue. It is just not a good thing to deal with when you gargle for 2 minutes.

Listerine combined two of my favorite flavors into one spectacular mouthwash!

Listerine Vanilla Mint. :)

It's so crazy good, it doesn't even taste like a mouthwash!

Listerine is currently conducting a fab contest over their facebook account. "The Search for the Yummiest Friend" which is an interactive Facebook application where you Listerine-lovers can nominate your yummiest friends. You can also vote and interact with online friends. Get a chance to win Listerine giftpacks and Ipod Shuffles in the process!

Head on over to www.listerinevanillamint.com.ph to know more about this fabulous search for the Yummiest friend. :)

So whatcha waiting for?? Go on over there and vote for your Yummy Friend!!!

much love,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream

BB Cream has hit this country like crazy. It was only a year ago that I had to explain to everyone I met (outside blogging world) what BB Cream is. Now, with Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream, everyone is now on the know what Blemish Balm Cream is.

This wonder balm is truly a dream come true for many women out there who needs something that is more than just a foundation.

Though I'm not too fond of BB Cream, I am appreciative of products that are affordable and easily accessible to the masses. So what this this author do? Try it out, of course.

BB Cream tends to make a lot of promises but how well could they really deliver?

One Shade Fits All - Well, unfortunately, BB Cream isn't really something that you should treat as a foundation. No-no-no. It is more like a base for your powder foundation (at least in my opinion, it is). All BB Cream may or may suit your skintone but if it doesn't, it is quickly remedied by your compact powder.

Consistensy - The thick consistensy of the BB Cream will enable to cover blemishes. Blemishes, meaning readness, uneven skintone and dark spots. Not cystic acnes and bumps. You will still need your concealer for that.

SPF 26 with UVA and UVB protection - The SPF is high enough for your daily 1 to 2 hour commuting in the morning and a quick lunch at the middle of the day. Although i would still suggest applying a powder foundation with SPF to add on to it.

Moisturizes - For a girl with oily skin, I still find using BB Creams as a good alternative to using moisturizers. Having learned that even oily skinned girl like me still need a bit of moisturizing, BB Cream helps me achieve that exactly.


Maybelline BB Cream applied to the back of my hand.

Maybelline BB Cream applied to the back of my hand.

Being oily and with acidic skin, the shade suits me perfectly since the Maybelline BB Cream will still adjust its shade an hour or two after application. The coverage is really nice and after using this, I find that I don't need to use too much concealer for my undereyes and dark spot. Staying power is pretty good and my oilies showed up a few hours from application depending on location.

I think this is only Php299 per tube at all Maybelline Beauty Counters. That is really affordable compared to other BB Creams I've tried and truly worth the second glance. :)

much love,

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

L'roeal Total Repair 5: 5 Problems, 1 Solution

Many of us suffer from tons of hair problems. And they just won't go away. Well, a friend just tried the L'oreal Total Repair 5 and she told me amazing results from it. There's nothing like a friend who could attract me to try yet another product.

Well, results are indeed amazing. It must have something to do with the Cement Cerramide as the main ingredient of the products. Although I am not easily swayed to initially try out a product just because of its celebrity endorser, I must say that Anne Curtis was one of the main reason why I used the Total Repair 5. I'm a fan of the girl who seem so put together with locks that I just covet.

Total Repair 5 is definitely for the damaged hair. Not necessarily damaged from hair treatments like rebonding, coloring and perming but for us who really lacks the time to care for our hair well. So if you find your hair becoming dull, lifeless, with lots of hair breakage and coarseness, you might want to check out your grocery or beauty store for the Total Repair 5 from L'oreal.

L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5

Please click Read More to see each products individually and to see my reviews!~

Help Please. We Need to Stop Child Sex Trafficking.

And they say slaves don't exist... But the truth of the matter is, there are 2.5 million children and young adults all over the world who are victims of child sex trafficking. These children are exploited and abused. Some of them are made to work, some of them groomed to become prostitutes... all of them maltreated.

We thought we can never be touched by such an act but it is happening. It could someone you know... it could even be someone you love. Unfortunately, our country is only one of the unfortunate that sex trafficking is happening.

That is why I jumped at the opportunity that The Body Shop presented Shen's Addiction. To feature their cause with ECPAT* to fight and stop Child Sex Trafficking by accumulating signatures that we could present to the current president of our country to further this cause.

Readers, I encourage you visit any branch of The Body Shop. No purchase required, just your signatures to add on the hundred thousands of signatures that will end Child Sex Trafficking.

But if you want to add on to the funds to fight and stop child sex trafficking, I also encourage you to get your self Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream. Sold globally to help raise funds for those who need immediate help such as psychological counseling, housing and legal aids. Get this hand cream and you'll also get the Stop Sex Trafficking bag.

Raising my hand against sex trafficking and much love,

To learn more about and to support the ‘Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People’ campaign visit www.thebodyshop.com.

*ECPAT stands for End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes

Friday, August 27, 2010

DKNY Delicious Sweet Caramel Candy Apples

DKNY scents is fast becoming a staple in my vanity. Ever since I got the DKNY Delicious Candy Apples in Sweet Caramel, I seem to use it almost everyday. At work, at play, at events and one time even before going to bed (I didn't notice what I was doing).

Sweet Caramel is one of the most sweetest fragrance I own. It has the signature apple scent, topped with a whiff of flowers and slathered with rich velvety vanilla caramel. I think of candies whenever I spray this all over me.

But the thing is that the sweetness does not overwhelm. A good thing for me if I may add. I love how when I just sprayed it that the sweetness envelopes me but do not linger all too long. Instead, I'm left with a tinge of sweetness and the rest just balance out. I simply can't explain it but I would just say, it's not too strong as one might expect from a candy-inspired perfume.

But boy do the scent last long. Reminds me of my Clinique Happy when it comes to staying power. I don't need to lug this around my purse to ensure that I am smelling sweet whole day long. And even when I get home, there is still enough scent left on me.

I am crazy over the shape of the bottle of DKNY Be Delicious perfumes.

I simply love using them whenever I go out.

And the candy stick adds quite a charming kick to the whole bottle.

Sweet is exactly the word. DKNY Delicious Sweet Caramel Candy Apples.

Here's a cute DKNY Delicious Candy Apples Commercial to entertain you.

much love,

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DKNY Scents are available at your favorite leading department store nationwide.

Pureglow Mineral Blushes

I've had these Pureglow Mineral Blushes for months now and I just have to say that I love them. The colors are really vibrant and they just compliment my skin really well. I've always been a mineral makeup lover since I discovered it back in '07. And even until now, I find myself drawn to mineral makeups when ever I get the chance.

Pureglow Minerals is relatively a young mineral makeup company. Sister of Venus and Mars Skin and Body products, Pureglow boats of all natural ingredients. I guess for many of you out there, you already know about them.

I've been using the Pureglow blushes almost everyday since I got them. They give a nice color to my without looking too overdone. The three shades you'll see on this blog are pretty much my go-to blushes.

Peach Spark, an apt name for this shimmery satin shade that compliments Filipina skintone. Got a tan? Enhance your blush with this shade as it will give you that naturally sunkissed glow.

Hot Pinch, despite its name is very subtle and great for those who just want to dip their toes in the makeup world. Its a natural shade of pink that compliments the fairest of skin to the medium fair. It mimics a pinch flush like when you just saw your crush. One of my favorite, I usually gravitate to this shade when I'm about to go to work.

Rosiest Rush gives that color similar to that after-gym healthy glow. A great party shade, if I may say so, It blends well with many of my pinktoned lipsticks. This is by far my most favorite shade out of three and usually gravitate to this when I know I need to impress someone, say a date or a meeting. It quite gives me a certain confidence knowing I don't look wash out in front of others.


Know more about Pureglow Mineral Blushes at Pureglow.multiply.com.

much love,

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New Addiction: ONE Naturales All-Organics Bath and Body Goodies

I am currently in love, addicted and totally into ONE Naturales. It is an all-organic products made by a Filipina, Charade Galang. Her pursuit to give Filipinas and ladies in the world a beauty and body products that is all natural, affordable and easily accessible to everyone.

ONE stands for Organic, Natural and Eco-friendly only uses natural ingredients sourced from our country. True to its name, even the packaging are environmentally safe recyclable materials such as papers and tins.

Product is quite reminiscent of the 1950's ala Stepford Wives. Everything is packaged so prettily and the products smelled so wonderful! I am crazy crazy over everthing I got. You could really feel the quality of ONE Naturales. It is one of the most amazing products I've tried in a long time.

ONE Naturales is L-O-V-E!

Let me share to you what I got.

ONE Naturales Hand and Body Lotion

Movie Star Skin is a sweet smelling lotion that is easily absorbed. No need for cologne when this is used. You'll be smelling like a Hollywood Star and have a gorgeous skin to boot.

ONE Nature
 Although I don't have a bath tub, I'm looking forward to using this when I'm staying at a hotel.

ONE Naturales Body Soap in Sweet Honey

The scent is quite unique for me but I heard that is a favorite already by many of those who worked on ONE Naturales.

ONE Naturales After Shower Skin Conditioner Bar in Nighty-Nite

One of the things I love about ONE Naturales are the new and unique products like the After Shower Body Bar.

ONE Naturales Lotion Massage Bar in Calming Bar

One of my favorite among my haul. This unique product is really really calming with the scent of lavender. Oh gosh, how can i explain how in love I am with this?

ONE Naturales Body Butter

This reminds me of Pana Cotta (my favorite dessert of all time) and smells like it, too. I just love lathering myself with this since the scent is really nice and its so easy to apply. I am just amazes with how the quality of this product.

ONE Naturales Body Scrub in Sweet Honey

Want a scrub that isn't too harsh on the skin? This is exactly what's gunna make your day. This scrub reminds me of a body scrub that I experienced in a hotel spa. You could really feel the richness of the product and how cleansed you are after. This made my top favorite scrub.

ONE Naturales SolidShampoo in Hair Biscuit
With every product, I become more and more attached to ONE Naturales. By now, you know that I lvoe everything but wait... let me share this sweet-smelling solid shampoo! It's my first time to ever use a solid shampoo and I thought I wouldn't like it. I love it! It lathers easily! It's like magic for me, I tell you! Now I don't have to worry about bringing liquid shampoo when I travel. How cool is that right?

ONE Naturales Solid Conditioner

This one is meant to be used after you've showered and about to start your beauty regimen. Its like a solid frizz serum but acts as conditioner as well. The scent reminds me of cotton candies. This one is quite easy to use. Just make sure you've toweled dry your hair, then run the bar along your hair.

ONE Naturales Lip Tune up

This is something that you have to give it a try to believe it. One of the tastiest lip balms ever.

I admitted it. I'm crazy over ONE Naturales. EVERYONE should have ONE Naturales in their vanities and bathrooms. I am so proud of this Pinay-made beauty and bath line.

Cheers to Charade for creating ONE Naturales.
One moment to enjoy, One life to live, One planet to protect.
much love,

ONE Naturales is currently available at all Beauty by SM Department Stores.
Soon will be available at selected Watson's Branches.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tipid Birthday Plans Because of Enjoy Philippines

I really have no idea what to do for my birth on September 15 of this year. I'm turning 27 and I wish to relive my youthful days. When I got my Enjoy Card, I was surprised to know that there are tons of deals that I could take advantage of. And I plan to do that on my birthday.

So, now I do have plans...

On the day of my birthday, Sept 15 (Wedenesday), I will enjoy the following pampering sessions:

1. Visit The Spa for some massage. With Enjoy Card, I get Php300 off for every individual services.
2. Visit Posh Nails in Greenhills with the BF and avail the Buy one Take One Footspa with the voucher I got along with my Enjoy card.
3. Visit The Strip for the much needed Bikini and Leg wax. I get 10% off for cash purchases on any services there with Enjoy card

At night, the BF and I will probably go with Dad and have dinner. Dad loves Chinese food so I think we'll go to Little Asia at McKinley and get a complimentary Japanese Tofu Steak along with our meals.

That should finish off the day nicely, don't you think so?

On Saturday of September 18, 2010, I'll be meeting up with dear friends at Greenbelt 5.

I've been dying to try the food at Mr. Jones. I love Diner style restos and I think my friends will enjoy this as much as I do. Great thing though because with my Enjoy Voucher I get Buy Two Ger One Free Main Course. And if I choose my card instead, it's 10% off when my bill amounts Php1000 or more. Love it.

The night wouldn't end just like that. Since we are in Greenbelt 5, we might as well cross over to Greenbelt 3 and hit Barcino. After all I get one bottle of Altozano Wine when my purchase amounts to Php12000 or more.

Since we're already a bit buzzed, dancing would be a good way to get rid of possible hangover. My favorite part of the night will be going to Encore at The Fort. If we get there before 12MN, I can get two complimentary entrance using my Enjoy Card. Or I could use my voucher and get buy one take one on bottle service (except champagne). Fabulous!!

And since I will probably have spare cash to spend with all the discounts I was able to get and save... I'll finally get a hard copy of Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert at Fully Booked. With my Enjoy card, I get 10% off on my purchase. What a deal!

Yes, I am loving my Enjoy Card for only Php1,995, I get tons and tons of deals to fabulous places. Dining, wining, shopping and relaxing has never been this fun and a lot more affordable. These days, a girl needs to be smart when it comes to spending, don't you think so?

Well, I'm sure its gunna be a happy happy 27th birthday for me! :)

much love,

TV Show: FASH - Fashion and Style Hub, hosted by Bianca Valerio

Yesterday, I got invited to one fashionable gathering for the press conference of FASH (Fashion and Style Hub) show that will air tonight on Lifestyle Network at 10 in the evening.

During the event I got to meet the beautiful and ever so fabulous host of FASH, Bianca Valerio. She is not new to the fashion industry as she usually grace the fashion catwalks herself. A certified guru in makeup artisty, she aims to share her knowledge in beauty and how to prettify yourself that is intune with the current economy.

Bianca shares that her style is forever revolving but aims to do this the cheapest way she could. Even her outfit during the presscon that seems to rattle with lots of $$$ signs isn't really. She got her fabulous labeled red dress 80% off, her bejeweled red ring is less than Php500. Her shoes she says are from Stellaluna, a splurge she often have once in awhile. It's gratifying to know that we don't have to spend tons of money to look fabulous. Bianca even shares that the more affordable her finds are, the more she has money to spend on shopping.

Bianca teamed with 3 fabulous and gorgeous stylish men who shares her passion either in fashion or in beauty. Celeb Stylist John Lozano, who dresses many of the Philippine celebrities will share you tips on how to translate international trends to our local scene. Purveyor of style Ferdie Salvador will polish our fashion vocab as well us keep us in tune to the latest and hottest of fashion trends. Personal shopper Ram De Vera will aim to inspire us to change our styling philosophies and how to maximize what we have in our closet. Stylist Extraordinaire Borge Aloba will teach us on how to get the Hollywood worthy 'do as well as to share tips and trick on hair management and styling.

I got to personally interview each and every guru of the show and they have a few things to share to you guys even before the show comes up.

John, who is so at ease with any fashion trends, inspires us to look into our personality and work out that confidence. There is nothing like a self-confidence to make wow everyone with outher fashion choices.

shares that if there is one thing you we should splurge on, it is bags and accessories. Timeless pieces that could mesh well in every trend. So, I say let's not feel bad on pruchasing those Louis Vuitton and Hermes belts! Can I just say that I am in love with with Hampton-inspire clothing? :)

Both John and Ferdie, advises that we don't necessarily have to follow all the fashion trends. Rather let us take a snippets of it to incorporate in our attire.

Ram, who awed me with his style knowledge, shared that we need to our clothes a timeline. If we haven't worn something in say, 6 months or a year, maybe its time to gather our friends for a wardrobe trade.

Borge, whom I asked on how to get a fabulous looking hair everyday, shares that one should do their hair regimen in the evening. Allow hair's natural oils to be the one to give you that vavavoom hair in the morning. He even shared that we should embrace our natural waves and curls instead of having to submit to tons of hair treatments.

With just a few minutes of interviews, I was able to learn a lot from these fabulous people and I can say that the show will definitely be a hit to those who wants to be stylish but do not care to break their banks. Ehem! That's me, right there.

I am in awe with how humble the creators and cast of the shows. I admit that I got extremely intimidated by the creators and casts of the show but these people in some levels are just like us who loves fashion and beauty.

Personally, I'm glad that Lifestyle Network has created a show that will inspire us to be a little fabulous but not frivolous.

Let me share to the segments that you will definitely get addicted to:
With a revolving door of weekly features, you’re sure to find something to work for you and your image. Quick, simple and easy fashion and style tips come your way with STYLE 101, where expert advice is just 30 seconds away. STYLE DIARY gives you an in-depth look at an iconic fashion figure, and an occasional peek into their own stylish lives. The latest trends are translated to everyday wear with RUNWAY FOR REAL – a themed mini-fashion show that brings worldwide trends to everyday Filipino life. BLACK BOOK brings you a historical yet stylish take on iconic fashion items, designers and everything else that make style what it is today.

Then there’s
OUT OF THE CLOSET, where everyday people get a chance to revamp their wardrobe by creating a new sense of style with what they already have (plus two or three new pieces from us!) BEAUTY AFFAIR gives you the how-to’s of achieving a celeb look from hair to make-up. MOST WANTED brings you some of the season’s hottest products, while RUNWAY REPORT takes you to the catwalks of famous designers for the freshest and hottest collections. Speaking of which, FASHION PATROL is your access pass to all the latest events and happenings that attract all the fashionable people – and we get to dish on what they’re wearing. Same with STREET STYLE where we roam the metro and get the lo-down on what actual people are wearing out on the town. - from Lifestyle Network

It's a fashion smorgasbord. FASH will sure rock your world.

Catch them tonight, 10pm on Lifestyle Network!!!

FASH is on Lifestyle Network every Thursday, 10pm
Catch replay every Saturday, 5pm

I'm gathering the friends on Saturday to watch the show with some sparkling wine before dinner. Why not do the same?

Cheers to the wonderful team of FASH!!

much love,
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