Monday, April 27, 2009

FOTD: Greens at Night using Urban Decay Book of Shadows

First off, I would like to thank Gracie again for the Urban Decay Book of Shadows. I am so blessed to get this as a gift from her. :)

I was hung over but still had to go to a sorority sister's dirty thirty party late in the evening. I'm glad a I went because I missed those girls so much. Being with them brings that law school mojo back in little ways... but nah.. i'm happy where i am right now. Also, going out to party gives me a chance to get a little wild with my makeup looks.

I chose green eye look because of the top I was wearing I had since highschool! Yes, since highschool! LOL! I'm glad it still fits (but its stetchable anyway!). My tummy though was embosed! hahaha!!!!

Used mostly the greens on the palette... :)

no mascara yet.. :) hehehe ( i forgot to put in on before taking a pic)

i don't look sexy here at all!! hahahaha!!

I'm just hippin' with my MAC HK Strayin' lipstick. :)

with friends and their dates. :)

enjoying my margarita c/o atty. laids

just enjoyin a smoke outside the bar. :)

I'm too much in love with my MUFE HD Foundation, MAC MSF in Medium Plus and MAC Concealers (especially when I go out at night). :) It totally erased my skin's redness, blemishes and udereye baggies.. :) I do have big bumps on the chin though that needs more concealing but they are hardly noticeable unless it's focused.. :) it's so red like tomatoes but it still lessened with these great products.. :)

Did you notice the contouring? I hope you did.. :) that's because of Dollface Contour palette. This stuff works!! :) I love how my cheekbones were defined without making it look so..... exaggerated. :)

The MAC Grand Duo Mineral blush give a great mauve glow, don't you think so? :)

In my opinion, It pays to buy these products!

much love,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

FOTD: Sweer Purples from Book of Shadows

I'm on a roll here, ladies!

I look forward to waking up in the morning because not only does it give a chance to do productive things but to also give me a chance to enjoy applying makeup for work. Today, I reached in my drawer to play with my Urban Decay Books of Shadows. I chose the purples and one pink to play with.

I've used this look for quite a few times already and I can't get tired of it. I just love the way it open my eyes.

Ellana Liquid Lip Color in Vixen

That's all for now! Another look coming up soon! :)
And I got something that I've always wanted (cosmetic-wise) that I think you'd be happy to see as well! but that will be a much later post.

much love,

Friday, April 24, 2009

Petrilude on Man Makeup

When I did makeup on guys back at the Adidas Originals Anniversary, I was too scared to touch the face of the models even with my brushes. I was just too use in doing my face that I know I'll screw up their face if I put any product on it. Though my makeup application isn't as fabulous as those you see in the runway, I was glad that it was decent enough. Still, I need to improve.

Thankfully, I saw a Youtube video of Petrilude, a guy makeup artist I've subscribed to for months now, is having a set of videos devoted to MAN MAKEUP. As for aspiring makeup artist like who doesn't have the budget to go to makeup school, this is really helpful and inspiring.

Here's the first ideo he made entitled: MAN MAKEUP: Looking Awake/Healthy. Basically, he talks about and show basic application of makeup for guys on a daily basis.

Petrilude is such a great guru in my opinion. He's truly inspiring. :)

Watch more of his videos here.

much love,

YumYum: Shen's First attempt at Menudo (a Filipino-Spanish Dish)

Time for food post!

I've eaten in various restaurants for the past few months but I still have a hard time posting them since I really am not good when it comes to food blogging. So instead I'm posting something that I cooked.

All i can say, I'm not found of a cooking. But when one is sick and tired of canned foods, frozen meals, take outs and deliveries, we tend to resort to something else... in this case, its actually cooking.

Since R's favorite is Menudo, I decided to test my skills in preparing this meal. Verdict? 7.5 of 10 according to him. Not a bad score since this is was the first time I cooked it.

According to, Menudo is a rich dish with sauce thickened and flavored by finely chopped onions, tomatoes and bell peppers. The acidity of the tomatoes and tomato paste is tempered by the sweetness of raisins.

Clearly, that's not what I my friends told me. Apparently, Menudo has different variation. Mine was probably the simpliest. :) But I'm glad it still tasted like Menudo! Hahahahaha!!!

How I prepared my super-fast Menudo.

1. Put pork in water with salt and water and wait for it boil in 2-3 minutes (i only had 1/4 kilo of pork.)
2. Drain the pork cutlets
3. Saute garlic and onions in oil or margarine.
4. Just before your garlic turns brown, add the pork cutlets. Do not overcook or fry.
5. Add potatoes and carrots.
6. Add tomato sauce and tomato paste.
7. Add about 3 tablespoon of soy sauce to color.
8. Add a dash of pepper.

You don't have to rely on the steps and simply search for the recipe from more skilled chefs. :)

That's all for now!
I'm thinking Adobo tomorrow... :)

much love,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

FOTD: Firey Red and Sleepy Shen (A NYX Trio look)

Remember this post?
The overwhelmingly NYX swatches post? Well, I decided to use my NYX Trio in rust/copper/bronze today to give a little fire to my ho-hum day. This is what I came up with in 5 minutes (I was rushing for work) because I overslept. Ans still sleepy!

Products used on the eyes:
NYX TRIO in Rust/Copper/Bronze
CS Gel liner in Black
CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Lucky

Products used:
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer with Dermaxyl and SPF 15
NYX Concealer in a Jar Beige Thanks Nikki (blemishes)
Benefit Lyin' Eyes Thanks Gracie! (undereye using Henri Calayag Concealer Brush)
topped with MAC MSF Light Medium
Caroline by Monave (from Beauty and Minerals)
Ellana Sheer Velvet Mineral Finishing Powder
Ella Liquid Lip Color in Allure

Maybe something bright tomorrow?
Or something with my Urban Decay Book of Shadows from Gracie! :)
That's all for now!

much love,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Operation Rescue: Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) + New Wand!

Rescue time, dear ladies!

We all know how such delectable genie-bottle of our favorite eyeshadow potion can trap inside. Well, stop rubbing it... it won't come up. Apparently, the only way we can let all of that magical potion out is to cut it open brutally and forcefully. Tedious, yes. Is it worth it? VERY MUCH SO.

I know you maybe turned off in buying Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP), but for oily lids like mine, this is heaven-sent.. or should i say... Magic-sent, it being called a potion. UDPP is my HG eyeshadow primer and I highly recommend this to ALL OILY EYELIDS like myself. Sans the surgery, I love this primer. Keeps my eyeshadow intact.

You also don't need anyone but yourself to cut this bottle open. I thought I would need the help of the BF but since I decided to do this at 3 in the morning, I just went and did it all alone. :)

I just had to see it for myself! :O

You'll need the following:

1. a glass jar (to better to keep it from drying, i heard plastic jars aren't the best for this) or lipstick pen (if available, keeps the product airtight and makes sure you finish all the product). Got this idea from Enkore of
2. Knife (paring knife or anything that is jagged, it's easier that way)
3. Clean Coffee stirrer (this is what I used to scoop the products out) & the wand tip that came with it.

CAREFULLY CUT the END PART of the bottle.
CAREFULLY CUT the bottle in HALF.
be SHOCKED with how much product left inside.
Transfer all products in their new home with CLEAN HANDS and CLEAN TOOLS.
(it'll get a little messy here, prepare a towellete or napkins)
be SHOCKED with how much you filled up your jars/lipstick pen.
take pictures of it and show it us as well!!

Like what I did!

What I was able to rescue off of that genie-bottle. :O
2 lipgloss pens and more than a few swipes on my jar...

Will this stop me from buying Urban Decay Primer Potion? NO way!!!! I'm in love with this!

Guess what? UDPP has a new wand! They didn't say it but it looks as if this wand will help us take out more of the products especially those situated on the mid and bottom part. :)

See? A company that indeed listens... :) I just hope this will work so we won't have to do Operation Rescue anymore. :)

Shen singing: Santa Baby, just put UDPP Sin under the tree... been an awful good girl.
I know it's not Christmas yet, but SIN is on the wishlist for me. :)

One UDPP, to go, supersize it please!

XL Urban Decay Primer Potion
6o% more? I love it!

So, there you go, ladies.
Operation Rescue: ACCOMPLISHED!

Till the next rescue!

much love,

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FOTD: Mettalic Violet with Gothic Lolita (a Rainy day look)

Just another FOTD using my Gothic Lolita Sample eyeshadow from the Swiper.

I decided on a metallic color because of my bag and the gloomy rainy day.
It sucks that its summer and its raining. What you call a tropical depression.
And can you believe that it'll last for days? At least I have an excse to wear my boots.
And its not helping a bit that I have colds.

excuse the eyebags... :)

loving the new foundation i'm trying... Caroline by Monave.

hoping for a little sun!

much love,

Vanitibasics 8 3/4" Double-sided Lighted Vanity Mirror

Despite my being absent from blogging, I've hauled on some great products worth your attention and I mean to share them with you here.

One of my recent acquisition is this beautiful albeit expensive vanity mirror. :) I'm sure most of you here in the Philippines have been envious of blogger and youtube gurus who have vanity mirrors that has lighting in them. Don't worry, I share the same feelings. That is why I decided to get myself one of these at Shangri-la Rustan's Department Store. I asked the SA if they have vanity mirrors available and quite gladly, she pointed me at two products available. One was the one-sided 5x magnification mirror and the other is this one, my purchase, 8 3/4" Double-sided Lighted Vanity Mirror.

Like I said, even with the hefty pricetag of P3599.00, I was not hesistant to purchase it because I've been wanting this since I started out my makeup addiction. It was also always sold out before and buying online was just tedious for me. Thank God, my finances could allow me to purchase this. God indeed gives you what you deserve. But of course, after this I decided to stop hauling for awhile.

The 8 and 3/4" Double-sided Lighted Vanity Mirror with 8x/1x Manification is such an essential for a beautinista like myself. I can accomplish a lot with this mirror on my table. I can see EVERYTHING, even to the smallest pores and stray hairs when I pluc my eyebrows. Also, when applying my eyeshadows, I can make sure that both eyes are balanced in colors since the light eliminated the shadows when using this mirror. Definitely a plus for preparing for night-outs. I can't tell you enough how bad the lighting is in our room so this will come in handy in making sure I apply the colors properly and evenly.

I heard from Mia of MorenaMania that this was raved by Lucy Torres in a certain magazine. And I have to agree with both of them that this Vanitibasics Lighted Manification Mirror is such a covetable item for all beauty addicts out there.

8 3/4" Double-sided Lighted Vanity Mirro

8 3/4" Double-sided Lighted Vanity Mirro

magnified side

Shen Magnified

Shen Magnified 2

the light..

when lighted

magnified side when lighted

Vanitibasics are available in all Rustan's Department Store.

much love,

Monday, April 20, 2009

Personal: Laguna Weekend with Friends and Family

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? Even a little? As for me, I've missed blogging so much but life is just preventing me from doing so. Lately, it has been a whirlwind of catching up with friends and family. I love being with them as much as I love blogging. Just balancing, I guess... :)

Anyway, I'm back from Laguna (City of Hot Springs here in the Philippines), the friends, cousins and I decided to rent out a private pool to enjoy for the weekend. I can't tell you how fun it was! The place was really great. There a karaoke, pool table, bamboo bed and the bathroom is just amazing!! :) We got there pretty late due to the heavy traffic. We ate baby back ribds for dinner and sang old tunes at the karaoke. We then proceeded to swim and drink til about 7am.

The next day was equally fun! We swam and took lots and lots of picture. We got boozed up again after a sumptuous lunch of spicy buttered garlic, crispy pata and legua estofada. All of us were too full to chat! LOL!

It was such a great day to unwind and enjoy the summer. Even if I got colds and slight fever after, I didn't mind. :)

I'm posting a few of my fave pics of the weekend..:) Pictures were taken by zelot, some by me and Kathy.. :) Most pics are on my Facebook. Add me up (Lee Shen Gee)!

Friends for life and death..

You've probably seen these girls with me in my previous posts. But to those who haven't, these are the friends I've had for nearly most of my life. We've been through hell and back and then hell and then back again...
It's true that you can't buy happiness.
But I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it anyway.

much love,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Product Review: NYX Tinted Lip Spa

Summer is here and for once I get a chance to enjoy it at a small private resort in Laguna today with my cousins, friends and family. :) I think with all the work pouring the next month, this is my only getaway for the whole of summer. But I'm sure to enjoy this day to the fullest! :)

Now with every getaway, we girls find ourselves in a knot on what to pack. :) I was up late last night debating if I should bring a extra pair of clothes. I even bought an overnight bag because all my old ones just won't do. But one thing that doesn't leave ANY OF US (here in our tropical country or abroad) are our lips balms. I'm sure ALL will agree. From girls who are not so Kikay to the super Kikay, owns one and makes sure not leave their house without it. Shows only how much we care for our puckers. :)

But lately, liptints are making its way slowly to our beauty arsenal for it provides color as well as moisturizes our lips. Two-in-one product that many of us appreciates. :) And don't you just love liptints lately? I don't know about you but I've been using liptints more than my lip balms. :)

One of my recent finds is NYX Tinted Lip Spa. From the moment I got it, I've been wearing it 24/7. They are true to their words when they say "Gorgeous Lip Spa treatment with just a hint of color so it willgive you a naturaln, luscious and oh so kissable lips."

It provides a cooling effect without the sticky feeling. I love that it provides color as well. Definitely a plus for the beach instead of wearing a shimmery lipgloss or any kind of lipsticks. It glides on really well. Also, the packaging looks something like a typical lipstick that you wouldn't mind pulling this out in public instead of your usual general-looking lipbalms.


Spirit is a natural shade that melds onto your lips.
Copacabana is a nice pink shades best partnered with smokey eyes and for those who have fair skin.
Hush is my favorite for it is "my lips but better" shade among the rest. :)

I honestly can't find anything wrong with NYX Tinted Lip Spa. These three will be finding themselves in my kikay kit (beauty kit) for the day i'll be spending under the sun. :) I simply love them!

You can purchase NYX Tinted Lip Spa at our fellow-pinay ebay store Space Pretty Store. I also got from her all my Palettes, if you remember. :)

much love,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Extreme Photo Contest by Giorgo Armani Frangrances Philippines

Giorgio Armani Fragrances Philippines is extending its contest until April 18, 2009!!!

In coordination with the launch of ATTITUDE EXTREME, spin-off to their highly successful ATTITUDE Fragrance, GA Philippines will be holding a photo contest on the launch of the said new fragrance on April 28, 2009.

Imagine various men exuding masculinity captured in a photograph. Professional and amateur photographers are welcome to join. As for me, I simply can't wait to see the entrees and drool... i mean, admire the photographs captured by what I'm sure will be numerous talented photographers.. :)

Mechanics are here forth provided.

I can't wait!!

much love,

Press Launch: Shu Uemura The Beauty and Makeup Competition 2009

Sorry again for the late of updates. I've been loving this new found independence that I've been spending it out with friends all the time. I love not having to answer to anyone on where I go and what time I go home. You don't get that much here due to the conservative ways of the Philippines. I just consider myself the lucky few who can live her life on her own.

Don't worry though, I do take care of myself to not get into trouble. :)

Before the start of April, Shu Uemura held a Press Launch for its major event this year, The Beauty and Make-up Competition 2009. Many of its guest are from the publishing industries and as always I consider myself lucky to be invited to these event and share it with you in my blog.

As always, these events are not complete when not shared with my adorable friends, Jheng and Jaimie (too bad Nikki could not come due to her work). I finally got to meet Bambi as well who just liven up the whole room.

pinay beauty bloggers (jheng, jaimie and I)
(Bambi was also there, too bad there was no chance for us to get a complete group pic)

Jheng and Jaimie

Yummy food! Thank God for these because i was really starving then..


Beautiful Artworks

Ms. L.I., presenting the The Beauty and Makeup Competition 2009.

all of us, watching the video presentation.

people from publishing and media world

The day was productive. I love meeting new people and ask about their interests. I guess I'm what you call a people-person, an extrovert. I hate being locked up in a box... I usually want to interact. Hence, this blog as a medium to reach out to you guys...

I can't wait for the coming weeks when all the entrees for this contest will be unveiled. I'm hoping I get to interview one if not all the contestant for this event. Wouldn't that be neat?

Still a little bit busy for the coming days. Do bear with me, fellow beauty-lovers!! :)

much love,
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